Back in the Saddle again (Hopefully)!

It has been a while since I last posted to the blog so lets rundown things over the past year!

  • First, my running has taken a back seat to other things in my life and that has been a major mistake. What has followed is increased weight, an renewed attack by psoriatic arthritis on my joints and a general feeling of not being in “shape” to deal with I encounter, physically form time to time
  • What sent me down this path? An injury of course! Back in 2016, I got injured at the end of the year. In 2015, into 2016, I put 1400 running miles onto my legs and did not take care of myself along the way. An injury followed and from January to April of last year, I did little or know running. Once I finally got back to running in April, it was too late – I was “luggage” and struggled mightily through the Old Port Half Marathon lat summer. That was my last race!
  • Since that time, I have been focusing on everything but my running and my body has ballooned. Once at 190lbs, I have shot up almost 30lbs which is insane over a short period of time. This is criminal in fact and something has to change!
  • The bug for running came back in May though only lightly as I have still had breaks that are too long as I train for the Vermont 100 relay coming in less than a month. It has improved of late as I have rededicated myself to better health and running. Now can it stick?

That is the question! So far I have been giving 15 miles a week, 3x on average on the roads which is far from where I want to be but it is a start. BUT, it is a start and one must start somewhere on the road to better health!

So what am I doing to keep this going? Well, in addition to running, I have added a mountain bike to my regiment, at least twice per week. Over the past week, I racked up 15 miles on the bike and 14 miles running. Not bad for the first week though I will be working off the rule of thumb that if I can run 5 miles, I need to at least do 3x to 4x that distance on the bike. Combined weekly, I should really accelerate the improved health objective but also preserve my legs as they won’t be doing so much pounding to get miles but rather, a mix of things which should support the muscle groups in play.

The end result: The point where I can get a good 5 mile run in at a pace around 8:30 and a bike ride where I push hard and achieved a speed around 11 mph. From there, we accelerate our goals. But baby steps for the moment.

I hope to be posting more in the future. Baby steps here as well. I am still on IG so that will remain active. Due to other commitments in my life, the blog might not see as many posts (not daily anyhow). However, the blog served a purpose when used before – to keep me balanced and moving forward. Not backward and wondering why.

Thank you for reading today!


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