Gear Review: Going to France through glasses

“Disclaimer: I received XX2i France 2s to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

A few weeks back, I posted the following to Twitter!

While my running has not occurred as of yet (though the rehab continues), I have been venturing out into the world and wearing the XX2i France 2s on a regular basis over the past few weeks. From the moment I put these on my eyes, I can honestly state that these are the most stable, around my ears and on my head, of any pair of sunglasses I have worn before!

So what is the secret? Here is the “lowdown” from the company. 

Designed with the aid of top athletes, the XX2i Optics France2 sunglasses offer unparalleled performance while going easy on your wallet. With multiple styles, colors, and lens configurations including Polarized, Sport Reader & fully Rx-able lenses, the XX2i France2 provides a range of superb optical solutions. Made from flexible and strong Grilamid, the France2 offers fully adjustable temple tips and nose pads to ensure an accurate, individual face fit that holds strong while remaining feather light. Every pair come with a 365 day money back guarantee and a lifetime frame and lens warranty – even against scratches.

So with that said, let’s do a quick product comparison. Normal sunglasses don’t really do much to the light outside the glasss other than dim it. When I reviewed the XX2i Australia’s last year, those glasses actually brightened everything and that put zero strain on my eyes. If you use the snapseed app, you will know of the White balance feature. More white balance looks like the output from the Australia’s and whole less looks like the France 2s (see below)

Here are a rundown of the key attributes of these glasses.

  • Durable: The glasses are stronger than many others I have used in the past and would hazard to say, add the strongest of the bunch. They have dropped and been thrown but are still holding on. Given the relatively low price light for solid sunglasses, they are very sturdy!
  • Not Bulky: These glasss are not bulky and fit perfectly on my head. 
  • Plenty of accessories: it comes with a good case to store them and plenty of other glasses accessories that will help while running over hills and down roads.
  • Moisture: I sweat a ton while running buf these glasses have remain tight to my good ole noggin. 
  • Stylish: They are indeed my style and good looking. 

Overall, given the low price point and the comfortability favor, I think this is a good value per see if you are willing to spend some money on glasses. If you remember from my first review of the Australia’s, I was not someone ever who paid for for glasss. These from XX2i have since changed that perspective!

Thank you for reading!


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