5 for Friday: One Temperamental Day

You will not be punished FOR your anger. You will be punished BY your anger. – Buddha

It has been almost 2 months since I have hit the roads for a run longer than 2 miles and I have to admit, while I am remaining positive for the most part, I am getting very temperamental! Lately, I have been short with anyone I cross paths with and getting very “antsy” as I see all around me, runners making their way out in the warm temps of February. I have become very jealous of my fellow BibRave Pros and Nuun Ambassadors who are running over hills and along beautiful landscapes. I am frustrated! 

With that said, this is not an unique mindset for someone who is recuperating after running thousands of miles. I found the following from Runners World that perhaps describes this current sour mindset best of mine at the moment.

Yet, while this anger and frustration is on display for everyone to see (and feel),  each time i hit this point, I take a deep breath and “Think Positive thoughts.” I remain optimistic. I tell myself, through the gritting of teath, “I am getting better and will be running again soon!” I have no doubt in such a statement at all. You know why? Because I am making progress with my PT and we made more this week. My back is getting better and my legs are as strong as they have been in several years! 

So remaining positive, here is the latest #5forFriday and 5 things that have improved over the last few months while recuperating that will help me run well and better than ever before!

NUMBER ONE: Building up the Core! I am particularly excited about this end of the rehab. My core is much more powerful now and I feel just overall a bit more fit. There is no real way to test if my core is stronger from a running standout but I believe at the moment, my core has not been this strong in ages and this should help my running and overall endeavors going forward!

NUMBER TWO: All about alternatives! As a result of it being able to log miles and miles of running each day, my eyes have been opened to cross training and other fitness centered options. In business, when you forget about your customer, that opens up the door for the competition to step in with an alternative. It looks like the competition (in this case cross fit) has made some inroads with me. And this is for the better! Having better fitness should lead to less injuries…I hope.

NUMBER THREE: Changing the Mindset. With this downtime from running, I have had a chance to focus on other things. So like cross fit, which had become part of my daily regiment, a focus on non running things is also part of my life. I am no longer running and thinking of such 24 hours a day. Now I am focused on my coaching (which has improved dramatically over the past few months) and my work towards a startup. This less clouded mind feels good and while I have been temperamentally unbalanced of late, I think this is just temporary and going forward will not need to be so focused on my running to succeed!

NUMBER FOUR: Better Health! I said to the PT yesterday that I have not felt this good in ages (aside from the back/knee thing). This better health combined with the above allows for a true reboot and remain strong for longer when I start running again. Running beats the heck out of the body (especially if done incorrectly). This allows me to start from ground zero and doing everything from before better and this should keep me at better health for longer which makes the running more enjoyable.

NUMBER FIVE: Breaking Through! This sort of falls with the reboot comment in number four but is also its own though as well. I forever could not get through 8 minutes per mile. I struggled with it in training as the injuries piled up. Now that I am getting refreshed and healthy, I think my goals will become more easily attainable. The plateaus and obstacles that had previously got in the way of my enjoyment in running are now forgotten. Now I get “back” to it and take on the world! I am ready to run.

Well, that is about it. Thank you for reading as always!


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