What a Pain in the Back!

“If I woke up in the morning and nothing hurt,  I would think I am dead!”

– Unknown

DID YOU KNOW…according to spine-health.com,

 “Running is an activity that involves repetitive stress and impact…people who have an underlying lower back problem can find running or jogging makes their pain worse or leads to additional types of pain (leg pain, numbness and weakness).” 

Now keeping  this excerpt in mind, consider this

Notice that second paragraph and more specifically, go toward the part that says, 

“runners tend to brush off lower back stiffness and pain…until it becomes debilitating.” 

Folks, that is where I stand today following a “revaluation” of my situation yesterday by the physical therapist. The focus has shifted to my lower back from my knee because there is stiffness showing in the area combined with tingling in my foot when I do certain stretches. The PT attacked things yesterday by combining therapy on the back and the hamstring and guess what happened? The pain in the knee subsided dramatically! The plan has been to heal the hamstring calf area but as we figured out yesterday, the pain actually started in my back…and I am kicking myself for being stupid!

Why you might ask? It goes back to what I said last month about how excited I was to be able to work on my arms and core – I think I said something about this injury “was meant to be” so I could improve in these areas before getting back to running. Well, now I realize that by neglecting those key workout regiments over the last year, I have put myself in the position now where I have not run in several weeks, {now} cannot do any core work and i am now having my back worked on so I can get back to the point where I can actually work on my core again (or where I was just a few days ago). In other words, my neglect of other parts of my body has led to an almost full shutdown of my running life!

I cannot stress enough to you the reader, runner, fitness buff or something else, the following: To be a long distance runner, you cannot just run. One needs to work all the muscles in the body. Running is not just legs but so much more! I am “able” to run 15 miles and not be a lick tired. However, during those 15 miles, certain muscles in the body are being hammered over and over by the constant repetition of each and every step. Like a car that has gone many miles and not had much maintenance, it eventually will break down. That “maintenance” on the body is what sustains you over the long hall – especially if you are a long distance runner! No maintenance equals a very high risk of injury!

This is the reality I am dealing with right now and it is extremely frustrating. I went from thinking about running an ultra marathon in early January to the point now that I might not be in shape for the Newport Rhode Race (shown above) Marathon coming up in 8 weeks. I have already ruled out the 20 mile race in Portsmouth in about 5 weeks which is upsetting since I have not run it the last few years and was looking forward to it. I may continue to say Think Positive in 2017, I get more frustrated! 

In the end, this is one big learning experience to build on. I will take this setback and end up stronger from it! I will continue to

Think Positive in 2017!

Thank you for reading.


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