I Run to Value and Ignore the Frauds

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

– Albert Einstein

I am working through a startup project at the moment and while doing some research on it this morning, in a coffee shop full of bustling and happy people (ok, not all happy), I was reminded of a conversation I had years ago when I asked myself, “why are all these people in this shop? This conversation, with a longtime friend, focused on the concept of “value.” This conversation, over beers at a local bar in “southie” was animated because we both believed our side of the story (and the bar was loud since it was “happy hour”). Since we were both entrenched into our corners on the subject, we ended in a stalemate. In the end, I was left wondering how the value of an items is so variable from person to person – value is essentially in the “eye of the beholder.” What is valuable to me is not so valuable to my friend. 

As for some details, the two of us talked about how a piece of paper “holds value.” All the paper is afterall is, well “paper” and if one does not have control of the “value” that the paper represents, does that paper have value at all to the holder? While this sounds like a discussion on the merits of fiat money (or a bale of hay perhaps), it was not but it got me thinking, at the time, about what is exactly “value.” I personally find insights of other runners I interact with as value because I have not honestly been running long enough to know all that there is about the subject and feel there is plenty of useful information to further explore. In addition, when I share my insights on a specific running matter, I only hope someone picks up a morsel of information that they can take back and apply to their running routine. But is what I am spilling into this blog value to others and the reader? I guess it is in the eyes of the beholder, right!

Ok, so this blog offers tid bits of information on various running subjects that I hope helps others get through issues that they are experiencing (and in many cases common to our running lives) by reading how I handled a given issue or learned a specific lesson. My thinking is that people learn more from those who are actually “doing” versus learning from someone who is just “saying.” The goal of BMacRunning is to be a compilation of reviews of various running methods and injuries – like those reviews you have seen of a place you stayed or use in your daily life (I just hope my reviews get 5 stars). In the end, I hope this series of notes is of “value” to you the reader.

Now back to the coffee shop I was in today. I was reviewing an Investment newsletter (the exact one does not matter) and within the piece was an question and answer with a money manager and his partner. As most of these Q&A’s go, the article kisses some butt of the money manager and then asks the manager to share his “secrets.” The money man, many of whom carry a fake look in his picture, said they focus on one metric for “this” and another for “that” when buying and selling positions in their portfolio (which by the way, was small).  These metrics, as they shared, led to much success for their clients over the years (they have been in business for 15 years) and that is why they are recommending “A” now from their portfolio as they believe that metric A and B predict such. As I fell over in boredom, after the fifth or sixth useless question, I stood upright, scanned the rest and then lamented why I thought I would find useful information in this newsletter. 

This experience could apply to any type of newsletter – running, cooking, etc. What is common about the ones that I come across is that the person being questioned, often decked out in some expensive suit in a certain pose, never shares there “ultimate process.” They disguise it with mentions of certain mathematical formulas and instinct but in the end, if they shared their ultimate process, they would either 

  • a) be giving away trade secrets that could hurt their investment methods or 
  • b) giveaway the fact that the are frauds and just riding the given trends of the time. 

The “value” here does not exist because the ultimate lesson to be learned is not shared in the given newsletter….the motives of the writer is to sell more newsletters and for the money manager, to get more notoriety! Both of which are not useful and of value. 
Selling newsletters and notoriety are not my goals here for this blog. Where I see value to others from this blog is the following

I am sure there are some others that I am missing but that should do for now. My value to you is on “doing.” I will lay it out there on what methods I am using and ones I dislike (because they did not work for me). I will attempt to raise awareness of Psoriatic arthritis because I would like someone to find a cure, selfishly, as the long term effects of PsA are not exactly something to look forward to. And in the end, I hope to  the eyes of the beholder, you, find this blog of value to suit your eyes and needs! (And not something that you distrust).

Thank you for reading as always!


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