5 for Friday: Practicing patience because I need it!

Have patience. All things are difficult before they are easy

– Saadi

Ok, I have to admit. My goal has been to be positive in 2017 but I am becoming less so. I am now in week four of this “recovery” but all I still feel is pain and it is getting frustrating! I have 2 races coming up in the next 8 weeks and there seems to be a rising chance that I will not ne able to run in either…or at least struggle. Both are 20+ miles and since I have not run since January 2nd, getting my wind back might be a major challenge in such a short time. They say though “where there is a will there is a way.” With that said however, one can have plenty of will but no physical attributes to back such “will” – that is my current predicament!

But I need to practice patience. I do feel that there are greater forces at hand – more specifically, my Psoriatic arthritis is starting to become an issue. Pain in the joints and the psoriasis are becoming more common, even after taking my Enbrel shots. This is a problem. At the same time, it is not a problem I can’t overcome. I just need to work harder!

So this week’s late 5 for Friday focuses around patience and how to keep ones eye on the prize. 

NUMBER ONE: The goal, the goal, the goal! No matter how much I get frustrated with my predicament, I cannot lose site of the goal. Admittedly, this injury is a mystery to me in that it has sidelined me now for four weeks. I  debated recently all the dry needle treatments and the merit of such. But I will continue to work hard because my goal is clear: to be once again healthy enough to run and run well!

NUMBER TWO: Trust the Plan: My PT is working hard on getting me back to better health. She admits that she is “chasing the symptoms” but is certain we can conquer my issues. So I will trust the plan and her methods to get me to the finish line! End of story!

NUMBER THREE: Follow the plan. It is one thing to “trust” the plan but it is another to actually “follow” the plan. I live a busy life and to do the stretches and exercises away from the therapy can be a challenge! But this is a challenge they needs to be accomplished if I want to reach my goal! 

It will not go perfect! To remain patient, I have to accept that the journey will not be without bumps and turns. To focus and not “Think Positively” would be a mistake. I maintain over and over, that to best Psoriatic arthritis, one needs to be positive because the disease can be a lead weight on your mind. An injury like I have then should be nothing! Thinking positive thoughts in 2017!

NUMBER FIVE: Find something to make the journey more enjoyable! How can a rehab be enjoyable? Well for one, the Harry Potter books  had me focused on my routine – I simply wanted to listen to each book and that could happen at the gym, working out, rehabbing my knee. So I will continue to use the audio books as a reason to remain focused on my goal and add enjoyment to the regiment! 

Well, that is about it for this seems 5 for Friday (that is once again late). Thank you for reading!


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