Less stress = less pain?

Happiness does not depend on any external conditions… it is governed by our mental attitude.

— Dale Carnegie

#thinkingpositive in 2017 is my goal this year. Negative feelings will not be permitted and only positive thoughts and the accompanying attitude, will be permitted within my life this year. I am a strong believer in the power of positive thinking and this, will be promoting this mindset through these pages and my life in 2017 and beyond. But is there research to back up such thinking? Here is an excerpt from John Hopkins on the subject

This makes sense to as “stress” is debilitating in itself to the body. Coming from someone who deals with stress on a regular basis via the financial markets, you could say I have plenty of experience with it. Stress itself leads to many problems for people and here is a good summary  from the Mayo Clinic.

One way to fight stress is finding an outlet for such. Often, people resort to bad habits such as eating (that is a way I combat stress) when stress levels are high. One major way I counter and drive down my stress levels is through running. I run daily (as has been posted on this site often over the past few years), in races, across trails and everything in between. When I run, my mind clears of all the unnecessary thoughts that cloud it – thoughts that make things hard to think clearly and as a result create stress. By running 5 days a week, I have been able to create order in my life and this order makes my life…well less stressful!

Ever since I started this running routine two years ago, my stress has fallen and my problems with Psoriatic Arthritis have shrunk. The combination of lower stress on the mind and the loss of weight from the running and better eating, has been extremely helpful. Once taking four shots monthly of Enbrel for my Psoriatic arthritis, I am now down to one shot every three weeks (on a side note, since I started doing a ton of cross training this past few months, I looks like I am able to extend the time between shots). While I still have the flareups, their appearances and duration have both fallen overtime.

An now as we move through 2017, my #thinkingpositive campaign is gaining steam – once I am running again (hopefully soon), I will not be stopped in my goal to push PsA from controlling any aspect of my life! As Buzz Lightyear says in the Toy Story movies…

To Infinity and beyond!

Thanks for reading


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