Monday Musings…Sticking to the Plan

Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy             – Saadi

I don’t consider myself an overly religious person but I do make my way to church more often than not on Sunday mornings with the family. When I get in, I kneel down, say a few prayers and then ask for good health for those in my family. I always end with “patience” – mainly because I am hoping that a project I am working on eventually pans out and also to be more level headed with my decision making and to not rush to judgment. 

My method of coaching is very similar. I coach the players at practice sharing drills that will make their skills better, refining their games and sharing with them what it takes to improve. When gametime comes around, I send the kids out onto the ice or the field and let them play. I try not to micromanage and talk to them at every instant because honestly,  there is not much one can do, coaching wise, as the game plays out. I normally sit back, taking notes of the action, make a comment here and there. When they come off the field of play or the ice (it is hockey season afterall), I give them feedback but nothing major – something to improve on or just encouragement. The approach is simple and has worked for me over the years.

An example of this was seen last night during the Patriots / Falcons game. As a Patriots fan (and a very devoted one to boot), besides rooting for the team and screaming at the television, I also study how they coach. One of the maddening things about the Patriots offense over the years is their stubbornness with the game plan. Throughout the game last night, they pounded Lagarette Blount into the line several times when it was apparent he was not going anywhere. Yet, with the idea of keeping the Falcons offense off the field, they continued to pound away. They would later switch away from such when the score was much wider but the effect of the pounding running game was seen in the fourth quarter when the Falcons defense imploded. 
In the end, the Patriots claim they make adjustments to the game plan with each game but those adjustments are minor because the central theme of their attacks will be evident through the whole game. Last night was pound and go with short passes. Nothing long as Chris Hogan’s deep game was not utilized. In the end, the strategy worked as the Falcons were beaten down by the amount of plays. The Patriots were patient with the game plan and in the end, it worked out for them. This is essentially an example of how I coach hockey, soccer and anything else. 

This is also an example of how I should be planning my running! I mentioned this in a previous note recently lamenting my injury woes of late. I really had no plan over the course of the past year – ok, I had one…to increase my running by extending my miles! But to get there, I was not diversified. I had poor risk management and as a result, I sit in the seat (on a plane to Florida) hurt! I know am putting together a plan and will stick with it and be patient. I will adjust when needed but remain patient in the plan and resolute in my conviction…no matter how maddening I become with it!

A few other tid bits to consider this morning

  • I have been posting all week in regards to the Legend Compression sleeves and once again, they are helping me out as I have them in for the day trip to Florida.  There is a code on the pic for savings at their site if you are interested in getting some. I also posted my review last night as well.
  • Almost done with the Harry Potter series (at least the ones available on Audible). The Deathly Hallows is very good! Can’t seem to put it down!
  • Hoka has a new shoe out called the Arahi. It looks interesting and features a rocking technology that was apparently in the Clifton 2s but not much in the updated Clifton 3s. Thinking I might take them up on their offer and take a trial run with them. More to come. 

Well, that is about it for today! Excited that my Patriots come bsck from death to win last night and the adrenaline continues to this minute! 

Thanks for Reading and have a great day!


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