Gear Review: Comfortably Compressed

Over the past month, my running life has been “on hold” as I rehab from…well, unsure specifically of the problem because I could make a case for a hamstring issue, a calf strain or even issues with my back as a result of the work that has been ongoing at PT. During this same time period though, I have been working on my core, arms and anything else that will not effect my rehab. And during the past few weeks, the Legend Compression sleeves have been a part of that routine. 

So what are Legend Compression sleeves? Here is a primer from their site

Admittedly, I have not used compression much over the past few years. The times I found myself using it came during races that occurred in cold temps or when my calves were sore from previous training. Since my calves have escaped injury for the most part over the last year (not including the past month), I have rarely put the compression sleeves on my legs. Over the part few weeks though, the sleeves have been helpful. I have been wearing them in my workouts as well as on the ice while coaching hockey and recovery has been solid post activity.

Some of the attributes of these sleeves include

  • Graduated compression: The sleeves that I have used in the past have been tight top to bottom. These have a “graduated compression” with the bottom of the sleeve tight and the top somewhat loose like a sock. I was skeptical at the beginning that these would actually work but as I said earlier, they have done the job well. 
  • Good with tight calves: For those days following my PT appointments, when the calfs are tight, these have helped me workout and have eased the stretching of the area.
  • Breathable: These sleeves are very breathable. 
  • Stability of the area: While the sleeves feel like socks, they do keep the muscles stable.

In summary, I was skeptical on these sleeves at the beginning but I have become sold on them as an important part of my workout routine.

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