5 for Friday: What I learned this (last week)

The capacity to learn is a gift… the ability to learn is a skill… the willingness to learn is a choice!

      — Brian Herbert

 As I started to type the 5 for Friday last Thursday night, I realized that my “material” for  this blog, was dwindling – material would be pictures, lessons  and stories from my running escapades. Afterall, I have run once since January began and have spent the rest of it rehabbing an injury that I have shared much detail on. Then the weekend arrived and I realized this morning that I did not actually finish nor post this note to the blog! Thus the blog had even LESS material. In any event, last week was eventful for a few reasons. First, the issues I am dealing with are clear. Second, the plan to recuperate is taking shape.

So with much delay, I share with you this (last) weeks 5 for Friday: A few lessons learned!

NUMBER ONE: Stretching into an Injury? This was just amazing to me when I heard this earlier in the week (last). As I posted in my PT lessons, I actually caused part of my issues by going from a run into a stretching pose without a pause in between. This caused my body to swing from one way of stretching (while running) to another. As a result now, I will be sharing this fact with anyone – especially when I teach my players pregame warmups. No need to get an injury by just stretching to fast! Like said before, there is a silver lining in everything and if I stretched to fast before a long race, how horrible would it be to not run that race? 

NUMBER TWO: Running watches stuck? I was taking a gander at the DC Rainmaker blog this past week (as I do from time to time because this site covers the fitness gadget world quite well) and it dawned on me that either a) I am not “up” to the latest additions to running watches and how they can improve my running performance OR running watches have not improved much since the fall of 2015 – that is when I purchased my Garmin 235. The DC blog gives great detail on the latest offerings out there and in short, nothing really appeals to me from a “hot product” perspective (this is also happening on the smartphone side but that is a story for another day). Not sure what is next for running watches but at the moment, I have not real reason to upgrade from what I have in the 235.

NUMBER THREE: Disappointed. One thing that I learned this week (last) is that I have not really had a chance to test out the legend compression sleeves that I am to be testing out for BibRave. When I opted in a while ago, I was running and now I am not. However, I started using them for other fitness activity and so far, not bad. Learning that one can use compression for more than rigorous activity. They also really feel good. 

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NUMBER FOUR: JK Rowling. What I have learned from my Harry Potter excursion of the past three months? First, JK Rowling is an amazing author. She connects her stories so well and I can now see why the Harry Potter stories are so addictive (to me and to my daughter). I have moved onto the 7th book and just can’t get enough. Once again I was taken into the story so much that my commute of 1.25 hours felt like 15 minutes. 

NUMBER FIVE: A State of Flare: This is kind of gross but when a scan flew off my body last week, there was a ton of fluid behind it. Now scabs heal but not like this normally! I took my enbrel shot following this discovery and guess what? My weight fell. My body felt less sore and bloated. And this morning (past Thursday), I felt better following taking the shot. So this is the question that came to mind; first, is fluid buildup a side effect of Psoriatic arthritic flares? Further, is inflammation driven by fluid buildup? If the answer to these questions is “yes” then this kind of throws cold water on the idea of psoriasis and “dry skin.” It is something I will be watching more closely going forward.

Well, that is about it for this week’s (last week) 5 for Friday. Thank you for reading!


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