PT Tidbits…the first day!

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence.”

                       — Colin Powell

Today was my first official visit with the PT (Monday was an eval) and I came away with some great information as it relates to my knee, running and my flexibility. In an effort to keep the material coming in the site, I will be sharing with you what I learn in these visits and my progress/recovery, which at this juncture seems far from today!

From these tips bits, I hope you can apply it to your running routine. At the same time, if you disagree, please comment. I am always open to new ideas for my training!

Ok, so today was an eye opening day for me because I think I have gained a better big picture view of my running adventures. Here are today’s “PT Tid Bits.”


In the financial world, not being “diversified” means you exposing yourself to a level of risk that is higher than normal. In short, you are putting all of your eggs into one basket versus several baskets. The same can be said for your active life as well. If you only play one sport, you are only working one set of muscles and not the others that support them. For me, over the past 12 months I just ran. That was it. Yes, I coach hockey and soccer but that is not really “playing” the sport. I just ran and did nothing else and guess what – my injuries piled up and here I am today writing to you while I recuperate from another set of injuries. I was simply not working out the other muscles in my body, simply stated.

One needs to be diverse and spread out among many active endeavors. My PT this morning said that she knows of many runners who lift weights and cross train – this ends up working the muscles that are supporting the running muscles (incidentally since I have been hurt since the beginning of January, I have been doing just that so I guess I am on the road to recovery). 

Stretch Slowly

What amazed me about this injury was the fact that I may have actually stretched myself into the injury! The thinking, that makes sense to me by the way, is this: when going into a stretching routine, take a deep breath before moving from whatever you are doing into the stretch. When I “stretched” into this injury, I went from running normal speed to putting my leg on a shelf to stretch my hamstring without virtually any time in between – the fact that the body did not have time to switch from running to stretching led to an issue with the joints involved and body parts involved. Lesson is simple: take your time moving from one activity to the next!

Finally, not letting PsA win!

Today while going through my routine on the table, my wrist was suffering and holding me back. Well, here is today’s lesson in response to aches and pains from PsA: screw you PsA…you will not win! I worked hard to stretch the wrist even when the pain was somewhat extreme but eventually succeeded in straightening out the wrist. Once again, I will share this in regards to PsA: One needs to beat back PsA at every opportunity. Do not let it beat you!

Well, hopefully you learned something today. Thanks for reading!


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