All about Progress (to better health)

I might be a work in progress but everyday I get a little bit wiser, a little bit better and a little bit stronger.


Coaching young kids is all about progression. For hockey, it is walking on ice with skates before pushing off. Then pushing off with balance before really skating. Then getting the condolence to balance between focusing on stickhandling and shooting. Shooting and stickhandling before positional play. Position play before strategy. I am sure I missed something within this example but you get the point. The long and short of it… You must “walk” before you “run.” Yesterday, following my first appointment with the PT, I begun my progression back from a decent injury (that I have shared) that will probably keep me from running well into February.

The prognosis is damage behind the calf muscle (but not the muscle itself thankfully) and some possible damage to the miniscus tissue in my right knee – together they give the appearance of damage to the knee. You might remember I have mentioned in the past that I had knee surgery and it was on this same leg. The PT explained to me that when they fix miniscus, they shave it and it is possible that over time, some can flake off. She is unsure such is happening but given the pain, it is possible. What is also possible though is that the area is simply swollen from the injury to the tendons behind the calf and fluid is just causing some irritation. In any event, with the diagnosis out of the way, next comes the plan and the progression that hopefully will have me back to health sooner than later.

What I need to worry about next is sticking to the plan and not over exercising myself back. I have mentioned more than once over the past few months that I am zooming through the Harry Potter Books, mainly so that I can get ahead of my young daughter and find out if she should be reading them but also for my own enjoyment. One of the themes from the books as a whole is Harry’s lack of patience. He is an impulsive “young lad” and that often puts him into situations they compromise is safety and security (as well as put him in detention more often than not). Harry is so determined to solve situations, he often forgets he needs to learn something first and skips the necessary progressions that make him a better wizard. My running rehab is not that much different!

I have run many miles over the past few years. I have run steep hills, through rain storms, in snow, over sand and up mountains. I have encountered Bears, turkey’s (they particularly scare me when in packs) and other animals. I have run 1 mile races to marathons. Basically I have seen much from a running perspective (though with that said, I need to see more). And this experience is my biggest obstacle with rehab. I will want to fly through rehab so I can get back to running the world and I need to resist the urge to do such as “fast” will be counterproductive and will keep me from running healthy once again (and perhaps actually create new injuries). Slow and steady wins the race…to being healthy once again.

So there lies the key. “Slow and steady…” progression from current predicament to better health in the future and a return to my running goals for 2017! I shall keep you apprised of my success…

Thanks for reading


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