Monday Musings: Off to PT

Run when you can… walk if you have too… crawl if you must… just never give up!

       — Dean Karnazes

So on Friday, I shared with you how to deal with Limbo. Well today “limbo” for me will sort of be over (and I will be onto the next “stretch” as it relates to this knee injury) when I meet with a physical therapist this morning. The doctor on Friday said that the tendons felt fine and this was all quad related but I remain unsure if he is right. This injury just hurts and hurts in such a way that it does not feel like a pulled muscle. Also, this group of doctors almost refused to see me so perhaps he was just trying to check off the box  that he did his diligence…but I digress.

Last time I had a severe injury like this was when I blew out my knee, severing tendons and tearing other things playing soccer 14 years ago. At the time, I thought it was a bad bruise but I was in such pain that I came to believe things were much worse (plus the look of my friends face said it all). Having found out that I needed my ACL replaced, I went to PT for about 2 months to build up the muscle in the area around the knee so it would be strong post surgery. After having the surgery, I went in another round of PT to “refire up” the quad muscle and increase the flexibility in the area. All told, I had four months of PT and in the end, I was much better for it. 

This time around, the speculation is 4 weeks – at least this is what the doctor said to me. Goal once again is to get the quad stronger and ready for my running in 2017. Once the quad is firing, presumably everything else will fall into place. Am I convinced it will be this easy? Well, taking stock of things and the pains that exist right now (and my distrust of the doctor to some extent), combined with previous experiences, I am not. However, I will see what the therapists have to say and we will take it from there!

I shall report back when I get my plan in place – afterall with my running not occurring at the moment, what else am I going to write about!

Here are a few Randoms to consider today

  • Becoming a Legend! On Thursday, I tested out some compression sleeves from Legend and for the two whole miles that I was able to run, I found them pretty good. They are different though vs others I have used. They are looser at the top of the sleeve and tighter at the bottom. Assuming how my therapy goes over the next few weeks, I will try to get more tests of them done.
  • Time for new shoes? My Clifton 3s have hit the 400 mile mark and I am now debating what is next. Go with them again? Try something new in the Hoka world? I have the Clayton’s but I am not sold on them…need to ponder this more!

Well, have the PT later today. Will report back!

Thank you reading!


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