5 for Friday: Limbo

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns OR rejoice because thorn bushes have roses

            — Abraham Lincoln

I have proclaimed more than a few times over the past month that I will be “Thinking Positive in 2017!” No matter what happens to me, I will remain positive this year and in the future because that is the way I want to live my life. That does not mean I will ignore things that occur if the negative sort but when they do, I will get up off the proverbial ground, dust myself off and move forward. Nothing is going to stop me from being positive this year, no matter how trying! 

So yesterday I was presented with another knock down event – my knee really causing me distress and at this point, as I type this in the AM, I am unsure what is wrong (waiting on tests). This is the “zone of limbo” where uncertainty reign supreme and one can only be “negative.” Well, that will not be me today or ever again. I will remain positive and start drawing out my battle plans going forward. If you sit still in life afterall, things will pass you by!

So this week, I present, the 5 things to do while in limbo!

NUMBER ONE: Take a deep Breath! Your first urge is to panic and scream (that was mine). Instead just take a deep breath and put yourself into a place that brings you peace. My place is peace when I feel stressed or upset is on a frozen hockey pond skating around full speed, taking in the cool temps and the surrounding scenery. This calms me and removes many of the emotional thoughts from my head so I can make an informed decision. Informed decisions are better than emotional, often wrong ones!

NUMBER TWO: Find an outlet. So when you are stuck in limbo, find an outlet to occupy your mind. Sitting there and stewing will not do you much good. You willl he placed back into the rabid emotional state mentioned above and then you will need to calm down once again. For me, it has been planning my weekend hockey practice. We will have 40 kids on the ice and that can be a challenge without proper planning. This is what my mind is focused on and not the period of limbo! Focused and calm.

NUMBER THREE: Trust the system. I have been battling Psoriatic Arthritis for over 14 years and I am the one who figured out how to improve my health over the past four by eating better, running and living a more healthy life. No meds can do such. But I was pushed in this direction by a friend of mine and my primary care so while the PCP doc did not develop the plan, he blessed it so to speak with a few tips that helped in making my actions succeed. Long and short of it: trust the advice of the medical professionals who are helping and follow their plan of recovery. If it does not work, then evaluate. More often than not, it will work and you will be back to health and ready to run (or do whatever again) in no time!

NUMBER FOUR: Don’t Stress eat! I tend to stress eat when I am in limbo. As a runner, if I cannot run, I tend to see a rise in my stress levels and the fact that I am in limbo makes me want to eat. DON’T! This just compounds your issues in the future as your overall health will suffer. Resist the urge to stress eat! Instead, find a stress ball or practice #1.


: Think long Term! This is an important point because whatever you do while in limbo should not disrupt what you hope to achieve in the long term. If you are hurt with a knee issue (like me), don’t try to run through massive pain just to say you did your running for the day. That will just make things worse for you on the recovery side. Take it easy in limbo and don’t make things much harder for yourself in the future!

Well, that is about it for this week’s 5 for Friday! Thanks for reading.


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