Lessons: Unforced Errors

If you are a coach or have coached, you are probably familiar with the term “unforced errors.” Every team, no matter the makeup, has mistakes that occur over the course of practice or games that are often due to many reasons (some include “a lack of mental focus” or simply “one choice over another”). These mistakes are hard to contain and prevent so as a coach, the coach has to generally accept that they happen and then address them when they do (so they do not occur again) – for example, I use a a small conversation with the “offender” when such occurs. But alas, one can address every mistake every time and still have plenty of unforced errors to deal with at the end of the day. Thus the life of a coach!

Unforced errors are not just my players domain though…they are very much my own as well! You see, my recent knee injury, it’s origin from a game of hockey I played in back in the middle of December (for the first time in ages I might add) was an “unforced error.” How you might ask? Well, all fall I had a routine that included some intense stretching and that stretching improved my issues from the late summer. When December came around, given the many events that I had on my calendar, stretching just did not fit into my day. How stupid! Instead of practicing “injury prevention,” I was displaying a major error in judgment. I made the same mistake from earlier in the summer!

So taking this error in judgment into account today, I realized that do to the nature of my arthritic condition, my body tends to be weaker at various times of the month versus others, as the “flareups” occur. As a result, if I push my body while a Flare and not stretch ahead of time, there is a high likelihood that I could get hurt and developed and injury such I have done and now sit on the sidelines with. My body has been in a constant state of flareup for the past month (which is another sorry for another day) and this has weakened the joints, ligaments and tendons throughout my body opening it up for injury. One of the things that weakened and that I had actually injured, as I discovered stretching last night, was the IT Band.

So that is the bad news. What is the good news? Well, I know how to combat this issue AND I know what to do going forward if I am to continue running in 2017 and beyond. First, time to stretch out the ITB through exercises I did previously to combat such issues (and probably more than once a day). Second, I need to be more careful going forward with stretching. Psoriatic arthritis is very unpredictable so the best way to keep the body stretched out and to prevent injury is to keep stretching! 

While my condition is not something you are currently dealing with, hopefully you can see the main point of this lesson: First, stretching is super important! Second, if you want to run successfully, don’t ever stop doing it! 

Thank you for reading today’s note (and lesson)


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