5 for Friday: Enduring a Running Layoff

Bad attitudes will ruin your team

          – Terry Bradshaw

It has been quite a few days since my last post on the blog as I have been enjoying a sort of sabbatical from running and social media. The former due to my injured (and recovering) knee and the latter due to the lack of the former’s occurrence. The results of such? I feel a bit more energized though with my life being quite busy these days, this layoff and rest is probably quite fortunate that posting notes such as these was taken off my palate for the time being! Keeping my “Thinking Positive in 2017” attitude going, I have had the opportunity to do other things and are better for it! (More at “Potter Wisdom” from the beginning of the year on my attitude)

So what have I been doing during this layoff? Well, for one, keeping active and that is the focus of today’s Five for Friday (it’s back). Often runners need to take time away from the pounding of the pavement and this is how I kept busy during this almost 2 week layoff. The layoff will continue through the middle of next week and hopefully then I will be able to resume my quest for 1500 miles in 2017.

A quick note on the notes and posts through next week – they will remain limited. Once I am back running again, I will be “live” once again here at bmacrunning. Now, onto this week’s 5 for Friday!

NUMBER ONE: Going in Circles. I have spent the past 10 days on the elliptical machine for the most part to keep the legs fresh and moving. The doc said I should not run for two weeks but this activity is allowed because there is very little stress in the knee involved. Due to the resistance levels I have been employing, I feel strong and the knee is healing nicely. 

NUMBER TWO: Up and Down. One of my goals for 2017 was to do more weights (I don’t think I ever mentioned such though on the blog). I have been doing activities that work on the core, chest, biceps and shoulders. Getting rid of the “flab” on the body is a longer term goal but for the short term, it is to improve core performance so there is an overall lower amount of stress in my legs. 

NUMBER THREE: Plank you! Ok, I have never been a big fan of plants (back in High school, we did all sorts of planks and I still remember the coaching yelling “6 inches). After doing these for 13 days, I can say that I am feeling stronger in the area. Seems like it is part of an overall feeling of better health so to speak that I am feeling at the moment. I plan on doing these each day for the year if possible. Only takes 5 minutes out of my day so why not!

NUMBER FOUR: Eating better! I am quite excited about this one because I have not had a peanut butter cup or fast break in over a week! Remember this was a vice of mine and one of the many negative foods I have been eating this past year. How am I doing such? Sunflower seeds. They are keeping my appetite at bay and the lack of running has led to less hunger in the afternoon. Hopefully when I return to running, this will continue!

NUMBER FIVE: Sucking down another Potter! My Harry Potter listening continues as I have made my way to the sixth book. I have been captivated by these books to say the least and will probably find myself reading the rest of them over the nesf few months. (Fantastic beasts was awesome btw). 

Well, there you have it. Not sure when my next  note will be but hopefully sooner than later!

Have a great weekend and thank you for reading. 


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