Run Pics of the Week

Grasp the subject, the words will follow

                                  – Cato the Elder

Well, heading into today I did not think I would be able to run given the snow and ice that is all over the place locally…wrong! Got in a decent run today and since this was my only run of the week, I had to take a bunch of pictures to fill up this post! (Just kidding). I hope to get out tomorrow but we will see how I feel. Also, today will be my first real test of the Earth’s Care Creme on the recovery side of the ledger. So far, legs feel strange and pain is minimal. We shall see what later is like! In addition, I ran with a compression sleeve this morning as well on the injured leg. Not sure if it made a difference but again, we shall see later.

Before heading onto the pics, here is a word or pic from Earths Care. Hope to get a review out tomorrow on the product. 

And now, onto the pics!

Thank you for viewing!


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