Dangerous Games with Cookies and Snacks!

The holidays are a time of joy for most as presents are shared among friends and family, cookies are munched on, pies are cut and scooped and drinks are bountiful. It is a time of parties and events that occur on an almost daily basis (I have had 6 this year). They are of the office party variety, there are advent and holiday shows for kids, soccer and hockey teams getting together and many more in between. Each of these feature wonderful goodies (along with many drinks)! It is truly “the most wonderful time of the year.” For me though, while it is truly wonderful watching my kids in shows and my son on a soccer field, it is also a very tough time of the year as well.

What makes it difficulte? Well, What I like the most is sweets. I like sugar cookies, candy and everything else that I can get my hands on (Remember peanut butter cups). I have the proverbial “sweet tooth” and this is dangerous around this time of the year (and all holidays). We recently hosted Christmas at our house and the aftermath resulted in trays of cookies and plates of pie left in my counters. It was paradise for someone like me with all of this at my fingertips each day since. At the same time, dangerous it was as well. You see, as I have mentioned often, eating gluten has been hazzardous to my health over the years and going gluten free a few years back, has eased the effects of the Psoriatic arthritis in my body. With gluten at every turn sitting right near me, I have been doing a number on my body over the past week!

So how does one with a massive sweet tooth survive during the holidays? Well that is the question of the year I would say (or many years for that matter). Before today, I focused on Sunflower seeds, in the shell, to distract my stomach. This is not a fix but it has worked over the past day or so. Another option is to get back on my routine of running in the morning, eat healthy after and let the rest of the day take care of itself. But due to my bumb knee of the past week, I have not been able to get into that routine. The Lack of a routine has led to more bad eating and a rise in my inflammation.

So what do I need to do? Get back into my normal routine of running, eating well, avoiding snacks and most importantly, gluten of course! My gluten intake which has been on the rise since then end of November, has coincided with a rise in the inflammation in my body (predictable). Gluten free cookies do not taste as good as normal ones and somewhere along the line, I seem to have remembered such and started to cheat. This has to end! No if, an or buts about it. Remove the gluten and I remove the inflammation which prevents me from recovering. Eat better and the roller coaster rides that my blood sugar has been on, diminishes and in turn, I eat less bad food. Start running again and I start each day off right!

Will this plan work? What I should say ( taking the power of a positive mindset as well as I keep my running for hope in play), is “This plan will work and I am going to be king…I mean, return my life to its routine and get back into shape.” 

Thanks for Reading and Happy New Year!


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