Monday Musings: Break Throughs and I will not be broken

A few weeks back, I came across a note that was “exciting” to me. It concerned the discovery that doctors were closing in on a new treatment that shuts “off” the body’s defense systems. These defense systems are normally a good thing for normally functioning human body. Heck, our defense systems keep us from getting very sick! For a person though affected by a form of arthritis, the defense systems actually hurt thr person. Here is a good description of this problem.

So when I hear that something is in the works to shut off my flareups, joint pain and everything else that comes with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA), I get more upbeat on my future. You see I believe that if I don’t take care of myself, in 10 years I will be talking about how I cannot run anymore and how pain is a constant occurrence in my life. In other words, I am praying for a cure! In the absence of a cure though, I will not dispair. I will persevere and continue to find a way to make myself better through better health. I will tell anyone who will listen that regardless of a cure, one can fight back! And I will indeed do so from now to the day I cannot do so anymore. 

So with that said, now back to the running! Here are a few other thoughts to consider today.

  • Been battling a knee injury of sorts since the beginning of December and not the least bit happy about it because I planned on running an 50k in a few weeks. There is no way I can run 32 miles on this knee so I am a bit annoyed by this. We will see if this was PsA related when the Enbrel kicks in overnight. If it is, the the knee pain should subside. If not, I will be a bit pissed!
  • Was sharing my lineup of races coming next year with a friend of mine so to share it with you, here is a rundown for March and April: the Eastern States 20 miler, the Newport Rhode Race Marathon (btw, save  $10 off registration with code “BibRave”), and the Earth Rock Run half Marsthon. I will also be running the Shipyard Half Marathon in July (you can save $10 with code “BibRave10”) and now thinking of running the Race to Remember in Boston on Memorial Day weekend. Busy calendar for a short period of time!
  • Been researching the new options for running watches on the market to compare what is out there with my Garmin 235. So far, there is nothing really appealing on the market outside of the iWatch but I don’t think I trust the GPS of Apple over Garmin. Perhaps running watches have hit their peak or perhaps a wave of better ones will come in the new year. 
  • I was going through the Winter Shoe Guide from Runners World and did not find one shoe from Hoka. Surprises me a tad. Thought I would see their new offerings make the list but perhaps they just don’t cut it!

Lastly, great tip from Runners World’s article 8 Simple Ways to Recover from a Holiday Food Hangover

Thank you for reading


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