6 for Saturday: What my coach has taught me.

So let’s start with tha obvious…what is with the title change? What happened to my 5 for Friday daily dose? Lately the 5 for Friday posts have not been posted on Friday and have come later. So this week we mix it up! Ok, with that out of the way, Lets move on!

So, This quote struck me earlier in the week.

I am a coach of kids, adults, boards, charities and most importantly myself! Afterall, when it comes to running, since I do it largely by myself, I need to be the coach, on the field, on the trail, on the road and in the gym. The quote above points to many things that runners coach themselves through. Whether injury, pace, distance or anything else, a decision needs to be made like a coach would. And the better you coach yourself, the better you will be as a runner. Afterall a coach helps with the little things and the little things often are what determines success of less success.

So what little things can you coach yourself to do and be a steady to better  runner? Here is how I coach myself. Here is this week’s 5 for Friday…I mean, 6 for Saturday!

NUMBER ONE: Hydrate! This is so very important for me. I drink water all the time. This helps me sustain long runs without cramping. When I don’t drink water, then a specific muscle in my back starts to seize and when this happens, running becomes difficult. 

NUMBER TWO: Don’t Extend Shoes! I made this mistake a few times and each time the pain in my knees climbed and running became very unenjoyable! So now my rule of thumb is this: no pair of shoes goes more than 450 miles and if I have any knee pain at 425, I dish them to the closet and get a new pair! My current Clifton 3s are at 334 miles so they are getting up there!

NUMBER THREE: Avoid The Same Routes! Never run the same route over and over the same way. Do different music, run up a path vs down, run at night vs the morning…just do something different. If you are training, doing the same thing over and over becomes a challenge and when training, eliminating such challenges is important…at least for me.

NUMBER FOUR: Seek New Challenges! Always seek longer distances or different hills. Look for longer runs or steeper climbs and falls. This is what keeps running fresh so to speak! Fresh means you will find less obstacles in your way to go out and run.

NUMBER FIVE: Be prepared on Race Day! This is important for racing. Have your stuff ready the night before because on race day, you want to be focused on the race, not what you forgot to bring with you or forgot to wear. And to add to this point, have a routine in place so that on race day, you can enjoy yourself…you already will have nerves from the race. No need to add to them trying to remember what you may have forgotten.

NUMBER SIX: Have an Eating Routine! I eat the same thing in the days leading up to the race at least Once a day – bowl of pasta with chicken and vegetables. I stay away from fried food for the most part in the last two days and try to keep my system clear of foods that could cause me distress in race day. 

Well, those are my six rules that my coach (me) has put in place that helps me and my running voyages. I want to wish you and your families a happy holiday season and Thank you for reading!


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