TR: Learning from the Errors of the past

Over the last few weeks, I have been sharing lessons, goals and reviews of my running for this year and next via the 5 for Friday series (click here for the latest one). I find it is helpful to look back and identify what worked and what could have been done better. Nothing like self evaluation, right? In addition, setting goals for oneself is what creates the motivation one is looking for when running through torrential rains, over rocky hills or just around the block (26.2 miles worth of blocks). I believe goals are important because often, with running, obstacles are commonplace and getting through them ultimately determines how prepared you are for the “races of life.”

For example, as I have been posting over the past few weeks, there has been much high tempo running in my logs. I like high tempo runs because they serve two purposes for me; first, when I only have a certain amount of time to run (lousy commute is normally to blame), running faster give me more miles which in turn gives me more to see. Second, running fast also builds up strength and endurance, increasing my overall pace while running “normally.” High tempo running, as a result, is an important piece of my running regiment!

At times though, this high tempo running can be a negative. For example, last winter, I was on the treadmill for a solid month and using those sessions to run fast or run hills – always hard and as a result, I first tweaked my calf which then led to issues with my Achilles. Well, guess what happened this week? After just three runs out of the past 8 in the last few weeks, I tweaked my calf again – this time on the other leg! I once again ran through the pain yesterday morning. Last night, the pain level had risen and I am slightly annoyed! 

So if I am learning from the past, I should cease and desist the high speed work on the treadmill. Further, I need to do some icing and start using KTape on the injury ASAP (which is what I started doing last night). Today I am taking the day off from running which I (normally do at this time of the week) to rest before jumping back on the roads tomorrow. I have a goal of running an ultra, which is now only 17 days away, and need to get some more miles in before then. Of course, if the weather for such is bad (ie too cold or snowy), I might have to push it off anyhow!

The short story here: I have learned from my lessons and will act accordingly on this injury. Now, let’s just hope that my actions work!

A few other randoms to consider this week

  • I was in the Aftershokz website yesterday and found that they are offering free shipping but I would not get any items till after Christmas if I had ordered. So I went over to Amazon and found that they were backordered on the product as well till 12/24. I love my Aftershokz (which you see in the picture above) and it appears their popularity is taking off! 
  • I have been running the past week, while outside on ice at times, in my Hoka SpeedGoats. I purchased these a year ago but have not worn them much as I don’t get on the trails much. They have amazing traction though which explains why I am using them as winter has arrived here in the northeast. So far so good. 
  • I am a big Garmin fan, having used my 235 to Track my runs and the Connect website to track my nutrition/exercise interaction. This winter Garmin is offering a ton of deals and the DCRainmaker site has a great rundown. My 235 is on sale for $269 (vs $329 that I paid a year ago). 

Just in case you did not see my tweets in regards to two races I am running in 2016, Thr Newport Rhode Race and the Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon, they are running sales through the end of the year. And you can save additionally with codes shown in the banners below. 

Well, that is about it for today. Thank you for reading as always.


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