5 for Friday: My Running Goals for 2017

This is a continuation of my 5 for Fridays focusing on 2016 and today the outlook for 2017. 

Attitude determines the altitude of life

— Edwin Louis Cole

2017 is a mere 12 days away now and I am getting antsy. Why you ought ask? Well, at first I set my goal for Miles in 2016 a year ago at this time to 1300. Entering November, when that was obviously not going to happen, I lowered my goal to 1100. Last night on #runchat though I said my goal was 1125. Just in case you are keeping score, here is my current running “status” and where I stand after 6 miles this morning.

Ok, so let’s do the math…1125 minus 1075 equals 50 miles. Ummm, that is 50 miles divided by 12 days or roughly 5 miles a day through the end of the month – if I run everyday! Assuming I run 9 of the days, that comes to more than 5.25 per run. Manageable but the weather has been brutally cold here in Boston. Oh, I forgot that we have a major holiday in there and I have three kids waiting for the jolly fool from the North Pole. Perhaps one less day…the short of it is this: I need some good long runs sprinkled in over the next two weeks. Tomorrow my goal will be 10 and I will attempt another 10 on Wednesday. That should do some damage. One day at a time though. More to come!

Continuing my look back and forward of the past month, and once again finding I am sending this out on Monday (vs Friday), today we focus on 5 things I would like to accomplish in 2017. 

NUMBER ONE: Run More Races and enjoy them! I ran 8 races in 2016 and every one of them after the marathon was brutal because of pain. This year, I hope to run a good amount of races  but enjoy them this time around. Injury prevention is the name of the game in 2017 and I plan on playing this game well! I want to enjoy the surroundings and the routes; the people cheering and the volunteers; and importantly, sneak in some PR’s along the way! This will be a goo year of running.

NUMBER TWO: Core work will be a must! I started the year doing this and I felt very good doing so. But then I just stopped. Over the past few weeks, I have added back some planks (because they are easy to do and quick given my limited time in the morning and the fact you can do a plank virtually anywhere). I need to add more like I was doing much of 2015. When I was doing such, I was stronger and running better. Without this code work, I have leveled off. Time to get off the level and move forward with a stronger core!

NUMBER THREE: Run More Routes! I have been stuck running the same routes over the past few months. I don’t ever run the same route (or do my best) but these small changes that I am making while moving through Boston, don’t feel like they are leading to new or different routes. I need to switch it up more so I can see more and enjoy these training runs more. Perhaps it means not running Boston but more around home and then driving in as the commute has actually been better later in the early morning.

NUMBER FOUR: 1300 miles will be mine! This was my target for 2016 and barring any miraculous finish for this year (I would need to run 20 miles a day for 2 weeks), I will miss this target. However no need to give up so I am try, try, trying again! This basically means I need about 110 miles a month which is manageable if I follow through with the previous goals mentioned above. I just need to be a bit smarter from time to time (do not always push hard when running) and I can beat this objective!

NUMBER FIVE: Run Smarter! This is the last one nut not of the least importance. I need to run races with good paces and not ones where I push like I am attempting to win the gold. I need to stay within “my game” and only run a faster pace if my training allows for such. Running outside my zones is what has caused my injuries I believe so it is important that I stay within the zones. 

Well, 2017 is almost here! Thank you for reading as always.



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