Testing out the Joints

When I was first diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis years ago, only after a year of tests (while enduring pain), I discovered that it was a rare disease that caused many conserable pain. I would go on Facebook message boards to find out what was working to beat back the disease (as well as what was new on the research side) but I had little luck as the majority of respondents depressed and not willing to listen to others or offer solutions. It was far different than the the banter I have with my running colleagues from BibRave (and elsewhere) as the running folks are positive and willing to share, even when most suffer through pains, more often than not.

As I have notes many times, PsA needs to be attacked and one cannot just idley stand by and let it take over your body. When it takes over the body, it goes beyond the joints and attacks the mind via depression. This drag on the mind makes everything much worse and then you are left feeling like life is over as you new it and there is nothing you can do to stop this change. I came to that point several years ago but with hard work, bounced back and ever since, I take every flare as a fact of life and not something that is going to slow me down towards my goals. Not now, not ever!

There is a benefit though to having a disease (huh) that not many understand or has no cure. You see, by actually living with the disease, you can actually test out different ideas to see what is working to beat back PsA and what is not. Going “gluten free” was something I tested out and it worked (to this day). I have tried out many foods, Vitamins and techniques since in an effort to push the disease further away. Each tactic has provided some information and from that info, I made adjustments. I am in effect, a test tube for new ideas and from these ideas and observations I am getting more insights into the disease and how to beat it back!

So, with all this testing going on, I figured I would share some new thoughts to consider that can be helpful to those battling Psoriatic arthritis.

  • Weight and Flareups: One stat that I have been tracking is my weight and where it is when I am having a flareups. What I have found is that when the Joints are flaring up, my weight climbs. I take my enbrel shot and the weight falls. Now, for all of those out there who are suffering from the disease, how much of their existing weight is due to inflammation from the disease? Right now for me it is 4lbs.
  • Psoriasis levels rise when a flare is coming for my body. In addition, when my body does not bounce back following a shot of enbrel, it means that the flare was more damaging and the psoriasis will hang around longer. When this happens, the period between the shots is generally shorter than other periods in the year.
  • The disease adapts! PsA adapts from period to period I find. What worked on the natural front this period does not necessary work the next period. One must be aware of this so the can also adapt and not get frustrated by this fact. Keep a positive mind and keep working hard to find solutions!

Well, that is all I have today. Thank you for reading as always!



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