Adding a Race to the Calendar…in Newport

Happy 2017! Ok, not yet but for me today I added two races to my 2017 running calendar. I will start with one today and the other tomorrow. The first one is the Newport Marathon. The race will be run staring at 7:30am on Saturday April 15th.

The Newport Marathon is a scenic course (let’s face it, most things in Newport are pretty scenic) and this will be my first attempt on this course. I have heard good things from others who have run Newport (and the related Run Rhode Island series) and after looking at the course, I feel that it is manageable – i.e. Not flat but not extremely hilly so call it rolling. It basically holds the coast for about 70% so it will compete with the scenery of the Maine Coastal Marathon that I ran last May. 

Here is a rundown on the course from the folks who are managing this race.

In terms of the other odds and ends on this race that appeal to me.

  • Free Photos: Most races end up charging you for pictures (in most cases a bundle). This race however will not do so (Gameface is handling the pics). 
  • Shipyard is sponsoring the race (like the Maine Coast and the Half Marathon that I also ran in Maine previously) and everyone gets a beer at the post race party.
  • There is a bike valet service that I have not seen before. Click here for more

For the full FAQ page, click here.

Since this is my first time running this race, I need to relay on some of my fellow BibRave folks to give me some insights. Here is a link to those reviews

Lastly, if you want to run the Newport Marathon, you can save $10 using code BibRave. Should be a great run! Come join me.

Thank you for reading


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