TR: The Experience of “Unplugged” and Goodbye to a Friend

On Monday I mentioned that I had to run without my Aftershokz headphones because I left them at home (originally I thought I had lost them at the gym). I know of many who run unplugged and always thought that I could not attain such “heights” so to speak – in short, I did not believe I could ever occupy myself during a 7 mile run without some music or an audio book playing in my ears. However, that may be changing because on Tuesday morning, I again went unplugged from my aftershock (still thinking at the time that I had lost them). And again, I had another solid run!

So what was so “solid” about these running trips through Boston? Well, I found out that I had much on my mind to figure out and this 1 hour each time left me with less to think about when I was done. We are dealing with a very sick dog at home and that has been at the top of my mind of late. It has almost consumed much of my thinking of late and with these two runs Monday and Tuesday, I was able to sort through the whole issue and what the next steps should be in a clear and concise manner.

What else did I get from being unplugged?

  • Better pace! Not sure what has happened to my speed over the past 6 months but it has returned with a vengeance over the past few days.
  • More aware of my surroundings! The sounds of the city are loud and clear when venturing around. I am hearing and noticing things.
  • Seeing new things! Amazing as this sounds but I am seeing things I have never noticed before. It is as if I am running new routes all over the place!
  • “Body awareness” is better! I am “hearing” my body better. Feeling injuries that have not been evident and working with them (i.e. Easier) versus trying to run through them.

Tomorrow I hear back out (after a day off today) for day three of this “experience” so we will see if all of these benefits are still in play. 

As for some random thinking today, here are a few thoughts.

  • Been pondering the distance that my current Clifton 3s will go. Did 450 which was too much with the 2s and I have 150 on the Clayton’s but afraid to push to much with those. Wondering if I get to the ultra in January with these or I am already moving into the next pair? Time will tell I guess. 
  • Last night’s Bibchat got me thinking about gels again. I stopped using them because I was not getting any “effect” from them. But was I eating well enough before for this to happen? More pondering on that one.
  • I have been using the Garmin 235 for much of the year and curious what the folks from Garmin come out with next. Apple’s GPS watch is not bad from what I can tell but if it contained a camera (which I know is not possible…yet), that would be pretty cool.

I finish up today’s note with a special thanks to a friend who we have to put to sleep tonight. We have only had Pebbel for a short time but during this time, she has been a wonderful part of the family. She will be missed.

Rest In Peace my dear Pebbel.

Thank you for reading


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