Monday Musings: Thinking Ultra!

Last night I was up late typing away a review for the SpiBelt – by the way, a product well worth looking into. Along the way, I realized, after forgetting to right my latest 5 for Friday, I just have so much to say! So let’s go a Monday Morning Musings (MMM) for your enjoyment – and to get a few things off my chest! First and foremost, I am getting more confident about running a 50k come early 2017!

Why you might ask? Well, I am finally figuring out pace. In short, I am starting to run at a good pace that can be sustainable for longer runs. Part of my problem with the Maine Coastal Marathon was the erratic pace I had throughout the race. I planned on running the first 16 miles round a 9 minute pace – one that was, at the time, about 1:30 lighter then my fastest pace – but when I look back at the race, my mile paces ranged from sun 8s to mid 8s. This was just too fast and led to predictable problems later in the race. For the coming ultra’s, we stay slow and maintain the 9s for at least the first 70%. Then evaluate where I am and take it from there!

Obviously there is more to this story as well because I need to continue to eat better and return to my roots so to speak of good healthy. Snacking still remains an issue and I am not completely gluten free, having cheated a bit over the weekend (love those donuts). And with the holiday’s coming, this only gets tougher! However, my eye is on the prize and I am ready to take my running to the next level. 

A few other thoughts for this Monday

  • Just finished up the review of the SpiBelt last night and overall, happy with the product. With the cold weather coming, it will come in handy holding things in the pocket versus having them in my hand. 
  • New testing going on this week is the XX2i’s Brazil (shown above). More of a casual offering from XX2i and slightly larger than I am accomstomed to. Overall, they do handle the sun very well and I think in the end, I think I will end up being satisfied with this product (like I was with the Australia’s).
  • I am getting up there with my Clifton 3s in terms of miles and it will be interesting to see when they start to give me problems. The 2s would start to be an issue around 450 miles (on average). My last pair of 2s though started to go around 400. Time will tell I guess.
  • Along those lines, I plan on getting out on the trails more with my Hoka Speedgoats in the weeks ahead. Meant to hit the trails in a long way on Friday but it just did not play out. I have had these for more than a year but have run less than 5% on the trails with them. Hoping that changes!
  • Today I hit the roads of Boston without my headphones (my Aftershokz which I like very much). And guess what happened? I ran my best 7 miles in 9 months! Go figure. Going to head out again tomorrow to see if I am onto something here or this was just a one off. Also not having my headphones will be tough during those cold and dreary mornings!

  • For those fans of the Constitution, it looks like they are getting closer to putting it back in the water. Last week while running through this area in Charlestown, there was some sort of ceremony going on with the ships captain. Perhaps we see it out of dry dock soon!

Well, that is about it for today’s thoughts. Thank you for reading as always.


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  1. Nice post! You seem very focused and determined — in a good way! I haven’t run with ear buds since my DNF Vermont City Marathon last May. I’ve also started running with people more, and doing a lot more trail running as a result. If I chose another endurance event I may go back to audiobooks and podcasts, but honestly the world is such a crazy place and life is so busy – if I didn’t have time alone with my thoughts on runs, or the chance to have a great conversation with some new people… I would be missing out.

    It’s awesome you are taking on an ultra and figuring out what works for you in terms of nutrition and pacing; just don’t let the goal overtake the journey. Happy trails!


    1. bmacrunning says:

      Thank you. We will see how it plays out!

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