I “Spi” a Belt

“Disclaimer: I received a SpiBelt to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”

I consider myself a normal runner. I like to have certain things occur every time I run: headphones for music (aftershokz), phone to manage they music and take some pics and my Garmin 235 (the most important piece). That is it! No water. No headbands or hats. Nothing else! And that was the case since I had a bad experience with a running belt during the Maine Coast Marathon in May. But over the past week, I may have found a new piece to my repertoire: the SpiBelt.

So what is the SpiBelt? This is the description right from their website.

I have been running pretty regularly with the SpiBelt over the last few weeks to see if this item can make my runs more enjoyable. How can such actually make my run more enjoyable? There are few reasons.

  1. Free up my hands: From a mental standpoint, to me, when my hands are “free” from holding my phone, I tend to feel much more comfortable than with the phone. I pace levels tend to be better but I don’t tend to do it often because I was forced to carry my phone.
  2. Keys! With the belt, no more fear of losing my keys. In the past I have resorted to hiding my keys to avoid carrying them with me!
  3. Money and items: While my keys are important, there are small items that one needs with them for a race like Gu or some other sugary items! Cash and a cards are also things needed for the post race party!
  4. Hold my phone without knowing it is there. One of the biggest issues with these running belts is the fact that they bounce around. This is a major reason that I never use them! No bounce = major positive. 

I can say that after playing around with this belt, it satisfies all these conditions. Here is some more specifics

  • No bounce! I use the iPhone 6s+ which is a big phone. As mentioned other running belts I have used cannot seem to remove the bouncing of the device within them. Very frustrating and a negative distraction that forced me to run with the phone in my hand. Not anymore! The SpiBelt seems to control this well and I Gone miles and miles without knowing the SpiBelt is on my back.
  • Just big enough for more! Even with my phone packed with my phone, there is room for my keys (a few), some money and a credit card or two.
  • Remains Tight: The belt of the SpiBelt has not stretched much and that keeps it firm against my back. Also removes the “bouncing effect” that I complained about earlier from competitive products. 

So here is a deal for you! Till 11/18, if you use code “Bibchat2016,” you can save on SpiBelt products

That’s about it. Thank you for reading!


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