Today is our Independence Day!

“We will not go quietly into the night… we will not vanish without a fight… we are going to live on… we are going to survive… Today we celebrate our INDEPENDANCE DAY.”

Bill Pullman from Independance Day

One fact I mentioned last week is that I would never cross into the political realm and shower you with my thoughts and opinions on what is happening in that arena. There is no point to doing so and it defeats the purpose of what I am trying to do here at bmacrunning. This blog is not about politics, food or sports but rather my crusade to show others that even with a severely debilitating disease, one can still live a very active life. I ran 11 miles yesterday and almost 11 more this morning – oh, and I feel great as I type this!

I will say this though about politics. One should vote for whatever they believe in. Democrat, republican or something else, you should find your way to the poll and let your voice be known! In Massachusetts, given our large liberal shift, anyone who votes against the democrats in most elections will be casting a losing vote. However, my vote matters very much on the local level as one of my friends is running for State Rep. I “voted early” last week and while my vote on a state level won’t effect the presidential race much, it will help legislate things in my hometown. 

So wherever you live and whoever you support, get out there and do it today! While Bill Pullman is not exactly someone I would quote often for inspiration, the words from Independance day ring true today. We live in a democracy where we have the right to vote without pressure on us to do so. We have that right and today, please go out and exercise it!

Oh, by the way, today hopefully is our Independence Day for another reason – after today we will be freed from political ad after political ad…after today we get back to life when politics did not dominate everything and cause major stress among friends and collegues! Hopefully by 8pm tonight, our independence from this election season will have begun!

Happy Voting day! (And thank you for reading as always).


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