5 for Friday: Walking around the Testing Tree…

This morning, while starting my morning run, I passed the tree that Fanuel Hall will be sporting this holiday season as part of their light show which they run from Thanksgiving onward. The lights are already up on the trees (see the picture above) and I would the garland and everything else will be up soon. While most will complain about Christmas coming too soon, I kind of like running through Fanuel Hall at this time of the year as the spirit of the holidays is everywhere!

While there is a Tree that will be upright in a few weeks, there is also the bmacrunning testing tree! Here is a rundown of the last five items I have tested or are testing!

NUMBER ONE: I Spy a Belt! Leading off today is the Spibelt. I have been running with one of these all week seeing if it does a better job holding onto my phone while I run. I have used different ones in the past and so far this is the best one I have tried. Keep in mind that I have not run with any belts in many months so this is sort of “new” to me. I should have a review up on the product by late Sunday and whether I like this or not, you can save 20% with code Bibchat2016 at their site on their products. This code does expire soon though!

NUMBER TWO: Healthy Eating is my plan! In my latest post on PsA last night, I said I was returning to my old system that worked well for me and my running. Included in this move is eating more healthy and another item that I recently tested was Luvo meals – they are great options when I feel like snacking on virtually anything (biggest issue being candy for me of late). They take a bit longer to cook than the average microwave dinner but taste so much better and are packed with nutrients. They work for me!

NUMBER THREE: XX2i Brazil’s are Interesting. I am also testing out a new product from XX2i called the Brazil’s. These glasses are bigger than I am normally found wearing and thus it has been an adjustment so to speak in wearing these. They are also not running glasses but only casual ones. I should have more on them next week or so. 

NUMBER FOUR: XX2i Austraila’s are Pretty good! So while the Brazils are “interesting” to me, the Australia’s are fantastic. It took me a while to get used to these bigger glasss but when I was finally finished with them, I found them to be a solid addition to their product base. I have worn them in several races and training runs and continue to do so.

NUMBER FIVE: UCan like these bars! This has been the biggest addition to my running. These bars, which were very hard to get used to initially (due to texture) have turned into an option that I use before every run I do. They provide some pretty solid long term energy and they were invaluable during the Reach the Beach Relay in September. My three favorites are coffee, Cinnamon and Peach Passion. 

Well, that is about it for the latest 5 for Friday (and it is actually being posted on Friday!)

Thanks for reading and below is the week in pics! – BM


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