Revealing my thoughts on Luvo meals!

This is my second review of the Luvo meals and I have enjoyed this selection as much as the previous ones. These meals are super healthy, do not taste like your run of the mill microwave dinner and basically taste so much like a homemade meal, it is really unbelievable! They are just fantastic. So like the previous review, let’s start with some common characteristics of all the meals from Luvo (that I tested)

Small Portions that don’t taste like others: The dinner packet is somewhat smaller to other microwave items I have had. At the same time, most of those other dinners do not taste like real meals, like these Luvo meals do. Major difference really! 

Longer Cook time than others: These meals have longer cooking times than others like it. Is it going to leave you wondering why you are waiting forever for your food to cook? No but they are a minute or 2 longer (depending on your oven or microwave). However, you get over such rather quickly because they taste pretty good.

Different cooking method: Many of the microwave dinners I have had get nuked in the same plate they are served. These are nuked in a package and you have to provide the plate “after” it is done cooking. The package does not have you poke holes in it like other microwaveable items so the steam and heat remain in the packet cooking the food through and through.

Good protien to fat ratio: I am a big fan of matching my protien intakes to my level of fat intake. If possible, I like the former over the latter but I am ok if they around the same. These meals have swung the pendulum way over to the protien side by an almost 3-1 margin! So for someone looking for a low fat option with plenty of protien, these meals provide that!

Spice! They put “on the mild side” for the spice factor of these items. Mild might be understating it – you taste the spice! In fact, if you were comparing it to “salsa” like Newman’s own, this would fall into the media section IMHO. Since I like lots of spice in my foods, this is not a big deal to me but it might be for others. 

Now, here is the rundown of each meal I took in. I had a total of five and they are below.

Tandoori inspired spiced chicken – Hot Hot Hot. Very strong smell and a good taste. Being a buffalo wing person, this ranked up there on the hot side. Tastes once again like our of the oven and not microwaved. Decent amt of protein and fiber. I added some chia to it and that raised the nutrition further

Turkey Vegetable Lasanga – A very good choice for a meal. Really enjoyed this one as it contained some great vegetables and some solid taste. The meal also has some spice to it like most of the Luvo meals. I did not add any chia to this one but I imagine if you want more firepower, energy wise, you could do so. Solid overall meal!

Chicken Chile Verde: This was a pretty good meal. Felt more “full” after finishing it. Like the Tandoori above, it did not taste like a microwaved food giving me the impression it was cooked in a different way. Protien To fat was closer to 2-1 but it still had 25g of the former! Also fiber was higher at 6g. Overall, a good option to consider.

Orange Mango Chicken: This was another good meal for a “microwaveable dish.” Not as much protien but the ratio of protien to fat is nearly 3-1. Overall calories inline with the other two and the spice level, listed as mild, is “felt” on the tongue! Meal size was the same as the others and overall, it was a pretty good meal. That “full feeling” that I got from the last meal, seems to be evident here as well. 

Quinoa and Vegetable Enchiladas This meal has a 13/8 protein to fat ratio which does not make it that appealing on the surface to me. However, it has a huge fiber of 10 grams in the serving which helps me. It is also gluten free and a vegetarian option (for those looking for such) but it has a longer cook time than many of the meals I have tried. Another “negative” which really isn’t compared to most meals, is they it has the highest of the calories amounts for a Luvo meal at 370. It does have a kick though and a good taste. 

Turkey Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes This meal is the king in regards to the proteins to fat ratio of 23/6. It also carries 6g of fiber, lots of veges and some fruit (cranberries). However, I am not a fan at all of meatloaf and that was before tasting this meal. This one did pursuade me to possible try it again but overall, it is probably the last option of the Luvo meals I will explore in the future. Also, there is not much spice. 

So overall, I continue to rate these meals highly. Having received them as part of being a Bibrave Pro is a benefit but even if I were not such, I probably would find myself seeking these out for lunch. As I have said before, they are a much better and more healthy option when compared to many of the fast food lunch items we put in our stomach! Check these items out…you won’t regret the choice!

Well, that is about it. Thank you for reading as always! BM

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