5 for Friday: Race Weekend!

If you haven’t noticed, my posts this week have been very limited (Father and Son’s was it). Reason being? I have hit a small “writers block” and I honestly don’t have paragraphs of thoughts to share with you! (I am still tweeting on Twitter though and Instagram is “ramping up.”). I realized today though that I have plenty to share as this weekend is “Race Weekend” for me as I am taking on the Green Strides Newburyport Half Marathon! I last posted on this race in late September and since then have been in “Radio” silence mode. So let’s go into my plan for Sunday. 

Just as a refresher, here are some links on the race for you to consider.

At this point I would share with you my experience from running this race before but since this my first attempt, there is no review available AND over at BibRave, nobody has reviewed it either (FYI I am an Bibrave Ambassador) so as it relates to a formal scouting report, you are out of luck (or perhaps I am)!

But alas, I am not going into this race blind because I know Newburyport! My kids go to school in this city and I have driven up and down most of the roads in town and have also run on many of them when I was not driving. The town is picturesque and this race will definitely be! After reviewing and driving the course, I am ready to take it on with both feet!

So how am I taking on the course? Here are the five tactics I am employing (on this 5 for Friday)

NUMBER ONE: Starting at the Back! Over my last several races, I have lined up with the pace group which was faster than my normal pace. The reason was simple: To force myself to run harder throughout the race. The benefit of such is that I attain better times each time I hit the race course. Upside obviously is progress towards lower pace times. Downside is injuries and I spent the summer fighting through those. This, in Sunday, my starting place will be with a slightly slower pace group and then I will just work my way up the route throughout the race. 

NUMBER TWO: Eating Less Gluten! So my goal this week was to eat better and reduce gluten intake (yes, I cheat from time to time but not this work). So far I have achieved that and I hope that helps with performance on Sunday. Less inflammation in the joints should help me maintain a stronger pace (less resistance) through the end of the race. Given it is a 1/2 marathon, that should not be a problem (whereas the marathon might require a much longer detox to maintain the pace I am aiming for). 

NUMBER THREE: No Gu please! I will be staying away from Gu shots on Sunday. With the use of Generation UCan snack bars combined with the Metagenica Endura drink, I should be able to maintain a solid energy level throughout. I will probably have a cup of Gatorade as well to mix things up (vs only water).

NUMBER FOUR: Strategic Hill Running! This race does contain some hills and I plan on taking them on slowly but surely heading up hill and fast and furious to the downside. I have been doing some agility training and some hills to get ready for this but have had to be careful not to trigger my achilles issues of earlier this year. This should help me on Sunday!

NUMBER FIVE: Be Prepared! Ok, so I will be ready for this race in race day. Stuff out and food ready Ronnie eaten. Take the UCan bar about a 1/2 hour before and the Endura an hour before that. Shoes tied and all stretched out by the time the horn sounds. I need Ronnie “ready” and in order for this race because honestly, I fee good and want a PR!

Well, that is about it. Hopefully the writers block goes away! Thanks for reading as always! And here are this week’s pics! – BM

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  1. Nice prep work. How did it go? Also, just curious, does avoiding gluten basically mean avoiding carbs?


    1. bmacrunning says:

      Thank you. Race could have been better. Sluggish is prob best description though it is the 2nd best time I have had with an 1/2. Avoiding gluten is basically avoiding anything with wheat in the label. May seem like a lot but really isn’t as the world is full of goods that do not contain wheat.

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