5 for Friday: A Man on a Mission! (From god?)

“We are on a mission from God. We got a full tank of gas, half pack of cigarettes, its dark and we are wearing sunglasses.”

– Dan Aykroyd “Elwood” Blues from the Blues Brothers.”

The Blues Brothers came out when I was 5 years old but till this day, the movie makes me laugh over and over. There are multiple mentions by Elwood Blues that they are on a “mission from god” and their mission is to put the band back together. Along the way, their mission runs into issues with the police, at the bar and everywhere in between. It is an enjoyable movie (to me at least) and one that forms the basis of today’s 5 for Friday! Oh, and they do get the band back together in the end, through luck, some work and determination!

GK Chesterton once said

“How we think when we lose determines how long it will be until we win.” 

The mindset is key. When we lose or run into walls, do we learn from the experience? The determination of the Blues brothers in the end lead to success. How did they get to that success? By learning from their past failures (and again some luck). The failures today that we run into, are what forms the basis of our success in the future. Without failure, there is no success. In the book, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn” author John Maxwell makes this point. Learning is the key to success…but that only way to really learn is through failure!

So what is the point here? Well, as I have complained incessantly on this blog over the course of the summer, the injury bug has been a big downer for me. My miles are down and my confidence was shaken. But over the past 6 weeks, I am putting the running back together! Through my failure and pain this summer, I think I have figured out how to prevent these problems from occurring again! So with that in mind, today I give you the five ways I have done so!

NUMBER ONE: Stretching, stretching and more stretching! I find it humorous that some say stretching is useless. I read such the other day as matter of fact and was astonished! Stretching has helped me immensely as I have improved health wise. I stretch the hamstrings, calves and a small amount of the core before each run. Then when I am done, I shrink it down a bit timewise but do the same stretches. On off days, I try to do some barre like stretches to keep me flexible. Overall, stretching has been invaluable to me!

NUMBER TWO: Listening to my body! Previously I have taken such sayings as myth more than anything. Since my running oddessey began, I have seen injuries in various parts of my body and have run through them more often and not. But since this latest batch of injuries, I have changed my mindset. If I am pushing and a particular body part is starting to strain, I don’t push harder. I slow down and evaluate if I am running incorrectly or I should stop running. This “listening” has lead to my current state today…feeling good!

NUMBER THREE: Eating Better! The addition of the Generation UCan bars to my running routine has changed my stamina for the better. My energy has picked up and lasted longer. I believe this has helped me build up the miles and recover more quickly. In addition, I have continued to utilize the Metagenics Endura mix and the two have combined to create a powerful energy mix before I run. I tried NUUN energy tablets but I found that they made me jittery when I took one without a long run. 

: Better Health Mix! One of that goals of my running had to reduce the amount of drugs that I put into my system to combat the Psoriatic arthritis. But that does not mean giving them up completely! It means using them more effectively and with such,  I have found less pain and issues as a result. In addition to this, I am taking on colds and other healthy issues aggressively combatting them with my Vit D/fish oil Mix. Combined I am moving toward better health!

NUMBER FIVE: Determination! Ok, circling back to the Blues Brothers above, without determination, one does not get to their goals. I am now full of determination to succeed in the rest of my races this year! I am now determined to get to Boston (marathon) though lacking confidence in the fundraising commitment. 

Well, that is about it.Thanks for reading! Pics of the week are below. BM


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  1. Nice post. I especially enjoyed the photos and the Blues Bros theme 🙂 Have those fueling products really helped that much? I believe you, but for whatever reason, I am reluctant to try these new products. My pre-run fuel is orange juice, coffee, bagel, PB, maybe a banana… but maybe I should switch it up… I certainly haven’t improved my performance over the years, and I’ve definitely been hobbled by some injuries, too.


    1. bmacrunning says:

      Amazingly I have seen a material change. Not sure how to explain why but I have used other items and they don’t seem to create any effect for the most part. My performance this summer was so weak that perhaps going back to normal is masking the effect that these items indicate they provide. I have a race on Sunday so we will see how things play out!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ifijustbreathe says:

    Great lessons to keep in mind!


    1. bmacrunning says:

      They work for me (at least at the moment)…

      Liked by 1 person

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