“Get your peanuts here!”

I spent Monday night watching my Boston Red Sox go down in a ball of flames (but I had fantastic seats). All night, all around me, one could hear vendors selling beer, popcorn, hot dogs and whatever else we Americans shove down our throats. Since I don’t go to many games these days (I spend more time at minor league games such as the Portland Sea Dogs), my experience with the park has been limited. I did find myself though remembering the days of Very long ago when my Dad and I would walk around the park, get our program, our peanuts and perhaps a fries / burger combo and then take our seats, watching a team, more often than not, couldn’t get out of their own way (i.e. They stunk)

From this most recent visit to the park, I was immediately reminded of the sales technique used by the vendors. “Get your _____ here!” It is a common refrain that you probably here at many ball parks and Fenway is no different. While baseball salaries have gone up and the traditions have blurred into the background, one thing has remained constant – the sales guy in the stands. 

So with that in mind, today I share with you a sales idea of sorts. It is the latest and greatest discounts that I offer via Bibrave. The links are as follows

Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for reading!



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