5 for Friday: Racing Mode


My Philosphy in running is not dwell on it, I do it!

– Joan Benoit Samuelson

What a great week of running! I have not had a solid week where I hit the roads four of the five weekdays in several months. This week, you can put a check in that box! Tomorrow I hope to make it 5 our of 6 and get my mileage total for the week into the 30s! The week included My best performance in months and pain free running! This is truly the best of all worlds in my opinion and with my first of two races coming up in 2 weeks, I can say that I am ready to run well and PR the Newburyport Half Marathon on October 23rd!

So here is my plan heading into the Green Strides Half Marathon in 2 weeks! First, get a long run in over this weekend and then have a solid week of strong running next. Also I will continue to do the “Meb” exercises that I have been doing since last week. Then during the week leading up to the race, taper back a little bit though not too much because I am still also training for the Manchester Marathon in early November. Let’s now see if it actually plays out the way it is planned!

Keeping this topic alive, let’s use it to frame this week’s 5 for Friday!

NUMBER ONE: Meb Exercises – So what are the Meb exercises? Here is a link. They are 5 drills that Meb Keflezighi’s uses to help with running form. In addition, it helps with “power” as well in the legs and when the end of a race comes around, this training should help with the proverbial “second wind” or any late push into the finish line of a given race. Since I had problems at mile 20 of my first marathon back in May, I am attempting to put myself in a position so that it does not happen again! This these exercises.

NUMBER TWO: Morning Routine is Set – I mentioned on Tuesday that I had a certain routine during the morning of my races. But over the past month I have been adapting and changing that routine. I have gone from toast and a Clif Bar to these Generation UCan snack bars and my Metagenics Endura drink. This combination has led to a much longer energy level no matter how far I run and a reduction in the amount of food I have been consuming. Overall I am feeling stronger as a result of this change. 

NUMBER THREE: Race Routine will Change – So with my morning/prerace routine changing, there is a solid chance that my actual race strategy will have to change. If these energy levels are higher, I will not need Gatorade or Gu shots during the races. Without a need for these products, I can focus on my running and just water during the races and that alone could give me a few minutes back on the clock. Long and short of it is simple: the prefueling I am doing perhaps is going to help me with speed and overall time. Best of  both worlds!

NUMBER FOUR: Ramp up the Fartleks! – In addition to the “Meb Exercises” and the Gen UCan bars, I am ramping up the Fartleks over the next few weeks because I have a few goals that I would like to achieve in the next few weeks. One is a sub 8 half marathon pace which might be too much to ask given the race is only three weeks (at the same time, I feel good and that could help). Also a sub four hour finish in the marathon is the other goal. With the use of Farleks, I think I can get the extra push that gets me past these obstacles and sets me up for new goals in the future.

NUMBER FIVE: Hopefully the end result is... – So taking all of the above together, at the conclusion of half marathon (and marathon hopefully), I hope to walk away feeling good and not in intense pain for weeks to follow. That happened in May and this time around, you will read about how I am (hopefully) taking care of myself and healing well. Then I can focus on the next goal – an Ultra!

Well, that is about it for this week’s 5 for Friday. Below is my top five pics of the week (vs the whole lot). Thank you for reading! – BM

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