Tuesday Chat: Gear Talk


Since my running foray began about a year and a half ago, I have used many different pieces of gear along the way. I have tried various foods and energy supplements and I have burned through a bunch of shoes! My last gear check I think was back in late December so let’s just give a quick upside on my gear that I utilize while running the roads and trails of the area. 

  • Shoes: About a year ago, I switched from the ASIC Gel Nimbus’ to the Hoka One One Cliftons and I have not looked back! I started with the “2’s” and purchased the “3’s” back in May. With the move to the Hoka’s, I removed the knee pain that was constantly plaguing me last summer and as a result, was able to increase the miles. I recently introduced the Clayton’s to my training routine for speed work (which should improve my overall running performance as well as make it easier to spring and climb hills which the Cliftons rebel against). So far so good on that end but as I mentioned a month or two ago, I am wondering if these flatter shoes (vs more cushion in the Clifton’s) is giving me issues. These issues have lead me to using orthotics and since the introduction of such, pains have been minimal outside of periods where PsA comes to the forefront. 
  • Watch: My choice here is the Garmin 235. I previously used the 220 but had trouble with the GPS, which was erratic around the tall buildings of Boston. Enter the 235 and the Glonass system and since then, these problems have diminished! This watch also has social media alerts, a bunch of apps to choose from and works in the pool as well. The HR is also very good and comparable to another one I used from Polar (which I connected to the 220). I have also tried watches from Polar and Fitbit but both pale in comparison to this product. This my choice is Garmin. 
  • Pre-Race Fuel: I am largely boring on this side using toast historically in the morning (with jelly) and a Clif Bar minutes before I run but I have changed things up a bit in recent months using snack bars from Generation UCan. These bars have been giving me solid energy for my morning runs and also filling me up as well for long periods of time. While some of them have given me GI issues, the Cinnamon and Peach ones have been ok. So that is my choice for the moment. Oh, and I still mix in a Clif bar from time to time! Forgot to mention, leading up to races, I drink tons of water – 120oz per day leading up. This has worked in keeping me hydrated on race day. Also during race weeks, I add in Chia and Metagenics Endura product which is full of electrolytes.
  • On the run: Outside of my watch, I only carry/use Aftershokz Trekz Titaniums and my IPhone. The former is awesome as the sound is great and I am much safer than with earbuds – I can hear traffic coming since this is the jawbone technology. The latter allows me to take great pictures on the fly and to listen to my whole library, whether music or audible books. The “plus” is a bit big but I have learned to adapt and it works fine know. Also, I have a SpiBelt which I use during races to hold keys, license and perhaps a Gu or UCan bar. It has served me well!
  • Tracking the Run: I use the Garmin Connect app to keep my health life in order. It keeps track of my steps, all my sports done on a given day (and their impact), my sleep habits and some good running and “active” sports detail. For my food intake, it ties to MyFitnessPal so I get a great idea of how my workouts effect my caloric intake for a given day. In terms of breaking down each run, I use SmashRun. It has great analytics and this data has helped me become a better runner over the past year! This platform ties to my Garmin watch and imports the information seamlessly.
  • Other items used occasionally: When the calves are giving me issues, I will exploit compression clothing for faster recovery. I don’t have a specific type or brand that I use so you could say either I don’t put much stock in such or I just don’t need it and care much for it. I am however a big user of KTape which has helped me recover from an persistent achilles problem of the summer. The stuff is just dynamite!

Well, that is about it for the latest Gear check. I am sure I probably missed a few things here and there but I am a very simple boring runner so there is not much to my routine!

Thank you for reading!



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  1. Calves have been my baine recently, as I have tranitioned into Barefoot shows. I have to be really careful building up, as barefoot running is notoriously hard on the calves to start with. I have taken up yoga, foam rollers and tuning forks to hopefully help.


    1. bmacrunning says:

      Sounds like a good routine. I should be doing more yoga! Good luck with the buildup.


  2. Nice blog! Glad to find another avid runner around Boston. I also love my garmin 235 and the garmin connect app for iPhone. I only wish it came in a smaller size for a woman’s wrist… it’s comically huge on me. When marathon training I used my phone to listen to music, books, podcasts. I got really into Spotify when my music library got stale… however after the marathon I haven’t listened to anything on any of my runs all summer! I dunno… I think sometimes it is nice to hit reset after a big race or milestone. I’m sure I will go back to running with earbuds for my next big training surge but for now I am enjoying tuning out.


    1. bmacrunning says:

      Every once in a while for me, I like to unplug and listen to the things around me when I run. It does hit the reset button indeed! And thank you for the kind comments! Does Garmin have smaller wrist bands?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good question re. Garmin. Probably? Maybe not? I haven’t seen any smaller versions of the 235, and I got it as a gift so I didn’t do the research before I slapped it on and headed out the door!


      2. bmacrunning says:

        Good gift to get!

        Liked by 1 person

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