5 for Friday: Finishing September Strong!

Starting strong is Good…finishing strong is EPIC! 

– Robin Sharma

Of late if you have been reading this blog, you willl notice that my outlook for my running has turned more positive. Since the injury bug unwound itself (and the pains subsided) at the beginning of September, my running has become more enjoyable and the miles have once again started to climb. One of my key “indicators” that I use in evaluating things is the trailing 30 days of running miles and normally that level resides around 100 miles. However, all summer it has been sitting around 60! Heading into RTB, that changed and since then, the miles have been on the rise That has changed though recently and now I am going out this month at 78! (Which is still short of 100 but better than the summer so I am “improving”).

My other indicator of good running health is the trailing 7 day level (shown in the middle of the picture above). I like to see that number around 30-35 miles and you can see it climbed right into that level around the RTB (thanks to the 19 miles done in 24 hours). It is on the climb again now and with a run over the weekend, I will be entering the range I need to be in! So on balance, my “numbers” indicate that I my performance is improving and yesterday, after running 8 miles, no pain exists. Onward and upward is my motto now!

There is more than just stats in my running life so here is this week’s 5 for Friday!

NUMBER ONE: Raising money and Marathons: I posted earlier this week about the National Psoriatic Arthritis Day and how you could contribute to my cause. It is something near and dear to me (literally since I have PsA) but the folks at the Arthritis Foundation do not have an agreement with the folks of the Boston Marathon – So if I want to run Boston, I need to either qualify (not happening as my time is not close to qualifying) or run under another charity, which would take me away from my primary cause! (Also raising 5k for anyone seems like a mountain that would be hard to climb though a friend of mine does it annually and said I should do it). I am “conflicted” on what do…perhaps a whole article should be devoted to this topic. More to come….

NUMBER TWO: Gluten free I need to stay! For the most part, I maintain a “gluten free” diet because of my aforementioned issues of PsA (less gluten equals less inflammation). Yesterday, I got careless and had some plain wheat pasta. It tasted great while I chomped away on it but since then, my system has been a wreck! When you remove gluten from your system for a long period of time and reintroduce it on a whim, the body does not respond well, sort of fighting back against such! Pain rises, headaches pop up and GI issues become the norm. Take it from me…if you are gluten free, don’t introduce gluten back into your system with wheat pasta! Bad result…

NUMBER THREE: Claytons, Cliftons and Orthotics: I mentioned recently that I was using orthotics and the results were good. Well, to given an update on such, the results are not only good but fantastic! Pain levels are reduced and I feel great. I have been only using my Cliftons as well of late which has me pondering if the Claytons just don’t have enough cushion for my feet. I like the Claytons because speed work is easier with them but the lack of knee pain from the Cliftons is compelling enough to stick with them and leave the Claytons in the closet. I will probably jump back into the Claytons in the next week or so for some speed work but overall, the Cliftons are holding pole position and the Claytons are lagging behind. By the way, the Claytons were rated number one by Runners World for their fall shoes…that argues alone that I should give them another try (though the Cliftons were in the list around number 9).

NUMBER FOUR: Setting Goals: I am listening to a Vince Lombardi book on audible (I need to write a review on the ones I have listened to btw). One of the points Lombardi makes is that one needs to have goals to succeed. So what is my goal for running? That is a good question that I have been pondering for a while and perhaps the reason my performance has slowed. But now I think I have my answer; It is to complete the half marathon in November in Newburyport healthy so I can run the Manchester Marathon well and then take down Boston in the spring (charity notwithstanding). Since defining the goals, my running performance has improved and that is enough for me to maintain focus on these goals!

NUMBER FIVE: Taste Like Chicken or Cinnamon? As I have mentioned all month, I have been testing the Generation UCan bars and no, they don’t taste like chicken but they have new giving me two things that I have found useful. First, when I eat one of these in the morning before my runs, I am not hungry for hours. Coming from a person who likes to eat, this is a big deal! Second, I am getting some good energy from these as well and that has lasted for long periods of time. Now, they are hard to eat in the run as they fall apart and GI issues could be an issue for some so everyone needs to evaluate these on their own! It took me a while also to get past texture but now I am a regular user!

Well, that is it for this week’s version. Since this is Saturday, it is late but hopefully still enjoyable! Thank you for reading and onto this week’s pics! BM


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