Next Race: Newburyport Half Marathon

In May of last year, I ran my first race in over 25 years! It was the Fuel Newburyport River Run Half Marathon and by the end of it, my energy was gone and I had trouble breathing! It was the first of a bunch of halfs I have run since and “where it all began for me” so to speak. Well continuing on my “running the world” voyage, I am running the “other” half marathon in Newburyport next month – so called The Newburyport Half Marathon! It will be a conclusion of sorts of the three major Newburyport races! 

This will be my first race since the Reach the Beach Relay of a few weeks back and as I approach about three weeks before the gun fires, I have to say that I feel great! The injury bug, that has been with me for much of RTB past four months, seems to have gone away and I feel strong for the first time in ages. As strangely as this might sound, all the running in the RTB over the hills of New Hampshire, seems to have worked wonders for me as I came out of the race with little soreness and a high level of confidence! Now my focus shifts to the more flat course of this half marathon in Newburyport!

“More flat” might be an understatement though because there is very little elevation movement in this race at all. At the RTB, 200ft moves in the elevation during the legs was the norm and that included multiple up and down moves (not just one off movements). This race does not have 200 total in elevation movements! But it had plenty to see and Newburyport and the Parker river (in Newbury) are wonderful locations to run through. Further, the temps should be great as well as we approach winter at the time of the race. 

Ok, so what is this race about? Here is some quick links for you to consider

So what is my plan for this race versus other half marathons? Well at my last half marathon this summer at the Runners World Classic, I ran it well but in the end, my time was slow. I thought I had run it so well, that I would have a PR. This time, I will PR, enough said! Ok, there is more to my plan. 

The course shares the 10 mile race I ran back in August in the same town (the other race of the trifecta). With the 10 miler, i wanted to see how the pros run at the start normally so I stayed with these “stars” for the first 2 miles…then I ran out of gas and basically had to fight back to a very good overall pace considering this “education” I was undertaking. This time around, I will be going with a completely different plan. I will run this race at a good pace to start, take advantage of any hills with a slightly stronger pace and then finish strong and do a sub 7:30 half for the total! (Now whether this happens…well that is another story)

So it is tminus 25 days till race day. More to come!

Thanks for Reading as always


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