National Psoriatic Arthritis Awareness Day is today!

Psoriatic arthritis is a diseases that is not as well known as other arthritic diseases you read about but the results of it are horrible and take a toll on people lives, both physically and mentally. Here is a brief description from WebMd

I am affected by this disease and have been battling it for about 12 years now. At first it beat me up every way possible but through exercise, eating better and perserverence, I am winning the battle! (I recently posted about such). I have found a mix of treatments that has included a reduction in drugs within my system and I am winning! Yes, I do have pain still but now I am running long distances (including marathons) and coaching and playing various sports (including hockey and soccer). 

Today is National Psoriatic Arthritis Day and as  we head into the fall, please consider contributing to my cause. I am in much better shape than most with this disease and believe that with more funding for the folks at the Arthritis Foundation, a cure can be found! Many are bedridden and depressed by the wave of pain that strikens them from PsA. They take a ton of drugs but none work and in the end, depression sets in. Today, let’s fight back!

If you would like to contribute to my cause, click here!

Thank you again for the support and let’s together fight to end arthritis!



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