Dancing on the Ceiling

When I was younger, one song I liked was from Lionel Richie, “Dancing on the Celing.” Can’t explain why I liked the song but the idea of actually dancing on the ceiling appealed to this kid and the challenge that would be involved!

“Oh what a feeling, when we are dancing in the ceiling”

– Lionel Richie

I would play this song on my yellow Sony Walkman all the time, wherever I ventured. I even included it on my pre game hockey list at one point (though “Wild Side” would replace it along with “Back and Black”) back when making tapes was the thing to do. The  “Dancing on the Ceiling” song spoke for achieving the impossible (seriously, who can dance on a ceiling?) and perhaps that is the reason I liked it.

Another impossible for me is perhaps coming up soon. Long runs these days for me are virtually impossible. Kids activities take up my mornings now on the weekends and the commute into Boston has just been absolutely brutal since September arrived. While this has probably given me some much needed rest with injury (which I am almost recovered from now), it has put me in a position where I don’t think my last race of the fall is going to be the Manchester Marathon (in November). They say life just gets in the way sometimes and at the moment, that is definitely the case for me!

So what does one do? Well it looks like I will have to start running at night (not a fan) or get up very early and start running near 5:30am. Since I have been attempting to do such for a while (that is get up really early), I am not optimistic! But at the same time, I like the morning run versus the nighttime so time to start getting to bed earlier!

Here are a few other random thoughts.

  • Orthotics are a Go! Been wearing these things in a bunch of my shoes and the results continue to be good. Pains are going away!
  • A quick soccer thought: picked up a new pair of Cops Mundial’s yesterday and after one session, I can say replacing my previous Copa’s was a great idea! Morning after with the old one’s = pain. Today, after yesterday’s session = no pain!
  • More soccer: Anyone put their kids in Club soccer? Wondering if that is a path that should be taken in the future for my kids? The big debated.
  • The UCan review is coming soon! Have been enjoying the bars before runs. Not all the flavors but a bunch of them. They are especially good to me about half hour before a run…not during however!
  • Looking to take part in another relay outside of the Ragnar folks. Will report back when it is confirmed!
  • My next race is the Newburyport half marathon in later October. With the injury bug going away I am becoming quite optimistic that I will have a solid performance!
  • If all goes well with the NBPT half, then it is onto the Manchester Full! Stay tuned…

Well, that is it for today. Thank you for reading!



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