5 for Friday: It is Meant to be but…

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans”

– Allen Saunders

I mentioned earlier this week that I am in the middle of listening to “Sometimes you win…sometimes you learn!” It is a book that covers an important part of coaching – learning. “Learning” is not just isolated to coaching though and is applicable to all parts of our lives. Let’s face it…loss and failure happen – the focus should be on what one can learn from the loss so the next time the same situation arises, a higher likelihood of success follows. This is not a revolutionary thought by any means but is often forgotten as those who do not succeed or come across tough times, wallow in self pity, defeat or failure! I used to find myself in such a state after a defeat. I could not deal with it and would get dragged down. But I realized that such was not helpful and now I say “it (the loss) was meant to be but ‘how’ do I succeed  next time?”

This past summer was just one of those instances for me. The injuries mounted after my marathon in May and I got so down that I debated switching away from running or giving up period! I rationalized that the Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) was winning and would always win. In April I hit 125 miles run for the month and since then, had (and have not) not come close (avg of 65 since). All summer I tried to fight through the injuries only to find another one get into my way. I ran races in pain and it was not fun – Runners World Classic was hard! You could say, I was too focused on the pain and instead of how to fix it! So what did I do? I went out and visited a PT; consulted some doctor friends for tips and read, read and read some more – I learned! For the first time in a long while,  I feel like I am finally on the road back! I once was wallowing in self pity but I have since found a way out!

As a result, my miles over the past thirty days are on the climb and my body is starting to feel better. The exercises and the learning I undertook has better positioned me heading into the fall and I am happy I did it! So the lesson here is simple…don’t be the “old” me but the “new” me! The next time you run into self doubt, learn from the failure and next time you can succeed!

Ok, enough of the rah rah cheerleading! Let’s get to this week’s 5 FOR FRIDAY and let’s just say it is “powerful.”

NUMBER ONE: The Power of KTape! One of the reasons for my health improvement has been the use of KTape. This was recommended to me in a chat a few months back (Thanks Kat) and it has worked wonders as my Achilles continues to improve each day. The way it works still dumbfounds me but based on the results, I am a major fan and will continue to be. I had similar success with compression socks months and months ago with a different injury in the calf and was able to stop using them once healed. Wonder if that will be the case here? Stay tuned!

NUMBER TWO: The Power of Orthotics! (Keeping the “power” theme going) A Doctor recommended a few months ago that I get orthotics because I had marginally flat feet. The Greater Boston Running Company, located in Newburyport, MA (great people btw) put me on their arch evaluator and found I did not have flat feet. However they sold me a pair of orthotics for the pains I was describing and guess what? Pains are unwinding. Perhaps the KTape is the main reason but these orthotics combined with my Cliftons have helped in pain removal as well I believe. Today, I started wearing some in my work shoes and I feel excellent! How long does this last? Unsure but for now, I am feeling good.

NUMBER THREE: The “Power” of a Cold shower! Yesterday, while reading the latest and greatest in my Facebook world, I came across the following article from Runners World

So this morning, while jumping into the shower, while basically half asleep, I accidentally put the water on cold and not my normal warm relaxing temp. What happened? Wow, did I wake up quickly! The article goes onto explain the power of a cold shower and after going through one today, I think I believe it! More work to be done on this topic but I think I found, by accident, an easier way to wake up in the morning! Oh, by the way, going back to the book above, did you know that Coke Soda was originally going to be a medicine but they accidentally put soda water into it? Accidents are not always bad…

NUMBER FOUR: The “Power” of Farleks! A year ago a friend of mine said to me that I need to do more speed work and less distance. Add in Farlek training. Well, I did a ton of it for many months that followed but when the achilles injuries cropped up, it simply hurt to do them. With the injuries unwinding, that has changed! And so has my training. I have added back the Farleks and will be doing them once a week at least! The lack of them saw no improvement in my pace time but with them, my pace improves. 

NUMBER FIVE: The “Power” of the Weekend! So the weekend is almost here! Just a few more hours and we will all get ready for relaxation from work…wait, is that really true? Let’s look at my day tomorrow. 

  • 4:30am: Running
  • 8:00am: Coach daughters soccer game
  • 12:00pm: Hockey Fundraiser
  • 4:00pm: Hockey game 
  • 5:00pm: Daughters birthday party

That does not look like relaxation for me! Oh my god…where is my desk? Perhaps the power to tire someone out is at play here for the weekend?

Well, that is it. Thank you for reading as always and enjoy my pics from the past week! 



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