Reaching the Beach!

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (all @bmacrunning), you already know that team #Guzmanguys “reached the beach” on Saturday. It was year three of this race for us and the team did well, even with one less runner (we ran with 11 versus 12) and injuries all up and down the roster. Amazingly, I came out of this event feeling better than I started (which is a conundrum to me) but I hope lasts! I can’t speak for everyone in that regard but overall, it was a very satisfying 31 hours for me and most of the team!

This years Reach the Beach for me was the best of the two I have done with the team (I did not run in year one because I broke my toe). Overall my ability to deal with the hills physically and mentally was better (one route had me climbing 1500 feet and also dropping 975 feet) and the ticky tack injuries that have plagued me over the past four months, seemed to fade into the background as I finished each leg. I averaged about an 8:15 pace for 19 miles of running which is the best long pace I have had in months and performance wise, I did well. Overall, it was satisfying from a running perspective!

From a “team” standpoint, the performance was solid. Van 1 was running short having lost one of our better runners to a very tough injury about a week ago but still was able to fight through. Van 2, my Van, also did well with solid performances across the van,  methodically taking down the mountains and roads of New Hampshire. This team was far different from the original 12 but stood tall, ran hard and brought home the bacon…I mean  completed the race and earned thr RTB medals!

Reach the Beach is an annual tradition for this group and perhaps this is the last one as we look to the future (injuries continue to hammer us) but for today, I can sit back and say that it was a great time with some great friends. The Guzman Guys reached the beach!

A few other tidbits to consider

  • Interesting Hoka development. I wore the Cliftons on the first two legs and the Claytons on the third leg. I had some pain with the Claytons vs none with Cliftons and overall, as mentioned above, my legs pains are gone today. Wondering if the Claytons were the problem? 
  • The GenUcan bars worked well with this race. I did see a rise in energy level as I had one before legs one and three. I think I will be ordering more of these to continue with my training.
  • Lots of great teams on the route for different causes. Just love the camaraderie among the runners as well. I met some great people along the route. 
  • Wonderful volunteers were everywhere and the fans along the sides of the road were supportive as well.
  • Not a fan of BGoods’s offering. Last year we had Boloco serving up food but this time it was BGood. It was not good though. Bring back Boloco!

A full review of the RTB will be forthcoming in the days or weeks ahead. Look for it!

Thanks for reading. -BM

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