5 for Friday: Countdown to RTB

If you can’t be in awe of Mother Nature, there’s something wrong with you!

– Alex Trebek

The countdown to the Reach the Beach relay is in its final stages. Only 7 days remain till the #GuzmanGuys take on the hills and roads of New Hampshire in this Ragnar event. It will be a test of training for many on the team for others, a chance to run better than they did in the past. It will be fun being with friends and at the same time, making new ones during this 24 hour jaunt through the mountains. It will be just plain fun!

One underrated feature of this race (and a reason I run) is the scenery. Yes, the scenery at the beginning of the route is simply outstanding. Mount Washington on the horizon, foliage beginning to peak out, rivers full of rock and of course Bretton Woods and the Mount Washington Hotel (see below). The past this one goes down steep hills and then on rolling hills where trees dominate and people and housing are few and far between. Pure runner bliss!

Now, take a look at that picture!  The route will eventually end up at Hampton Beach which is a beauty in its own right (and unique as well). From start to finish, this race has more than enough scenery to forget one is climbing 800 feet on a given route or descending by the equal amount. Even when the legs hurt or tired, such views almost act as a second wind. And when you have ran 15 miles already and working on leg 3, second, third or fourth winds are so important!

While the RTB is front and center, there are other things going on in my running world. Now onto this week’s 5 for Friday!

NUMBER ONE: The regret of running? I was having a conversation with a friend recently and the marathon I ran back in May came up. We both shared the same story of injury woes that followed our respective races and it has got me thinking that my goal of running an ultra might be the wrong one. If I can recover from running 26.2 miles, how can I recover from running 50! I guess this is the ultimate question. And the answer will ultimately shape where, when and how long I train in the future. More to come!

NUMBER TWO: Running on the front foot! So this is a repeat of a previous note but I have been working overtime to run on the forefoot and the work is paying off as achilles pain has been limited and disappearing to some extent. The stretches from my physical therapy session have also contributed to my recovery and perhaps the fact that I am three months outside the marathon could also be in play. In any event, let’s hope that the recovery continues and I am able to run the RTB well!

NUMBER THREE: Texture is not everything! I am in week 3 or 4 of testing the Generation UCan bars and I have to say I have come around on them. The taste of these bars was never a really big problem but texture was difficult to deal with. But as I have one of these each morning this week, I seem to be forgetting the issues I had with the texture. I am finding that they could be used as meal replacement bars because the last few days I have not had any snack cravings come the afternoon (after having the Cinnamon ones in the morning). Will this last? Not sure but like how this is playing out at the moment!

NUMBER FOUR: #CureArthritis Yesterday I began including #CureArthritis in my running posts and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It is the reason I run and will remain front and center as far as my posts go! I recently got my new Racing for a Cure shirt and will be wearing it probably at various points of the RTB next week. 

: We are down to 11! Over the course of timing this piece up, we found out that team Guzman Guys will be down a man next weekend! Same thing happened last year and we continued on with 11. This year the team is somewhat beat up more so it will be a challenge. At the same time, we are a year better running so this injuries may be just rocks on the road we need to avoid! Bring on RTB!

Well, that is about it for this week’s 5 for Friday! And here are the pics! Thank you for reading as always! -BM

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