I Run for Hope!

A few days ago during a #Runchat, one which was dedicated to running music, one member of the twittersphere mentioned the song “I run for life” by Melissa Etheridge. I had never heard this song before and figured it was new and I had just missed it. But to much of my surprise, it was written in 2011! Talking about missing the boat! Here is a video of the song

The main part of the lyrics goes like this

“I run for Hope…I run to feel…I run for truth, for all that is real…I run for your mother, sister and wife…I run for you and me my friend…I run for life”

In an article written a while ago, NBC reported it is an “anthem of hope” for those with Breast Cancer.” In an “CureToday” post by Jamie Holloway, she says 

“Fellow cancer survivor Mellissa Etheridge’s song, ‘I run for life’ has gained a permanent spot on my running playlist because it reminds me why I run.”

We have all experienced cancer in various ways (through loved ones, friends as well as individually). It is a horrible disease where there is no cure (there are ways to go into “remission” but as most will say, no one is actually cured because of the fear it will come back) and the toll it can take psychologically can be intense. I can say that this writer has never had cancer but seeing those who have had it, I can see it creates a fear and a constant focus on the next steps. But let me be very clear…aside from my comments, I really don’t know anything about the “experience” of cancer and I hope I never get afflicted with it either!

So what am I striving to discuss here? The point is to actually argue that the “anthem” above applies in many ways. I have said numerous times that running has helped me become more healthy and pushed back my chronic issues. Without running (and other actions), I would be in far different shape today and life would be a “chore” more than anything. When I hear the song or anthem above, I am reminded why I run! I run for my family, kids, for my health and for others. I run for a better life so I can be part of others lives versus being mired in a depression wondering when life will end because the pain is so severe and life, simply, sucks. 

You see, if Psoriatic arthritis was controlling me, pictures like the above wouldn’t happen. Instead, I am probably walking around wondering why my pain meds are not working, why my bones are twisting and why my weight won’t go down (ok, I ask that question anyhow). Depression follows such because PsA basically forces you to withdraw from life! And the worse the pain gets, the more one backs away from friends, family, mothers, sisters and everyone else. Many withdraw because it is like the door constantly being shut on them and nothing positive is anywhere. I went through this for a period of time till I found running!

I am not saying that Running will cure cancer or solve my issues with PsA. I am not saying that running will work for you or anyone. I am saying that running has definitely put me in a better position to fight my issues and as long as I can, I will continue to run and fight. I am running for a better life…

Thanks for Reading!


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