TR: A House of Random Cards

I participated in a chat tonight with the folks from @RunAtCan and at the same time, watched “House of Cards” on NetFlix. This could be an instance of “polar opposites” because the folks who chat (i.e. The great running community) are great people whereas the Underwoods… well, not so great(Which makes the show great)! But what brings these opposites together is the entertainment! I just love the responses and the information I get from these chats such as RunAtCan. As for “House of Cards” (as I finally get to Season 4), well there is nothing like vicious Washington politics and people getting buried in the ground (literally)!

While I am not in the business of putting people in the ground of the desert, I do find the show fascinating for many reasons. One relates to planning. The Underwoods had a plan and they piece by piece systematically took apart their opponents (and eventually ended up in the White House). I have a plan to systematically beat back my Psoriatic arthritis by whatever “healthy” means necessary. My plans over the past summer have taken a beating thanks to some injuries but I am starting to feel better since mixing in some swimming and reducing the miles. Let’s hope my plans don’t stall (like the Underwoods have entering season 4) and I am able to crush the Reach the Beach relay!

What else is on my mind tonight?

  • #Runchat mixing is mixing in music tonight on its chat. Have found some new  music to add to my playlist which is a good thing because it has become mine has become stale! I will post some of those songs at some point…
  • Asked my son tonight to pick out a skating drill for our upcoming hockey season. He picked one with zig zagging around some cones. I asked this 6 year old why? He said to work on his edges. I asked him how does he know his edges? “I don’t know what they are but you told me they are important!” Good job he is listening!
  • I am listening to “The Game” which is a book about Ken Dryden – a superstar goalie of yesterday and the famed Montreal Canadians. I read it years ago and it is even more enjoyable listening to it!
  • The KTape I have been using is really making a difference. Things seem to be improving more quickly than with the brace. Perhaps the swimming and the exercises are doing their job?
  • Took a ride on the Cannonball today at Canobie Lake Park. Last time I rode it was over 25 years ago! Now I am explaining to my 8 year old that I was able to do all of these rides when I was 12 but now I cannot handle any of them! Motion sickness stinks!

Well, that is very random thoughts tonight! Thank you for reading! – BM

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