5 for Friday: I am in a Funky Cold Medina!

“Cold Coolin at the Bar and I’m lookin’ for some action but like Mick Jagger said, I can’t get no satisfaction”

– Tone Loc, Funky Cold Medina

I have been spending the past week in the mountains of New Hampshire…hiking, running and spending lots of time with the family. It has been great. Clearing the head and at the same time, running some heavy hills and near and around some fantastic views. Overall, like any family vacation I go on, it has been a success all and all (aside from the small things that are forgotten).

This week was targeted as one for me to get ready for the Reach the Beach relay coming in about four weeks. The hills of NH are the ones I am running in the race and I have plenty around me (including some mountains) to pick from for training. But admittedly, I am losing interest in running! Earlier this week (I think) I figured out what was driving my pains and since then I have steadily improved (thank you KTape). Now mentally I need to get refocused because honestly, I have little interest in going out and running at the moment. I am in a funk so to speak. 

So how to get out of this funk? (Probably not Tone Loc’s recipe) One suggestion was to take up biking. Now, one problem with that is simple: I don’t own a bike! Biking would fit into my need to see new things and if I am going 20 or 30 miles at a pop, I will see plenty. I guess I need to investigate this more. At the same time, I still have a goal of running an ultra so I won’t be abandoning running but mixing things up might need to be in order!

Ok, those thoughts are out of the way! Now onto this week’s 5 for Friday!

NUMBER ONE: Nothing like Mountains and More Mountains! One of the benefits of training in New Hampshire is the variance of the terrain. No road is ever flat and no mountain is ever predictable. The hiking is both easy and tough and your body always has to adjust. It makes for tough and continuously rigorous training routines! I have taken the last few days off from running (since we have been hiking so much) but my plan is to finish the trip strong and then settle into a calm last four weeks of training ahead of RTB!

NUMBER TWO: Need to Eat Better! I have said this before many times on this blog but after eating snack after snack for the past week and feeling it on my runs, it has never been more clear to me that I need to eat better! If I want to run ultra’s or bike long distances, I need to eat better! But what will keep me full and from snacking all the time? Now that is the question! At minimum, my eating behavior has to change (i.e. Less snacking) and perhaps that is where I should start! More to come.

NUMBER THREE: Energy Bars and Energy? So as mentioned I have been testing out UCan bars and my major stumbling block has been the texture. The taste is not bad and probably better than many I have had. But while doing theses tests, I was reminded about a discussion around the effects of Gatorade and running – does this drink really help one run better or is it all in the mind? Same question for anything sold to us as Energy bars or Gu shots? I have used Gu in races and I think it took me out of a “bonked” state (I think once) during one race but during my May marathon, I did not notice any change following the gunshot. Mind over matter?  

NUMBER FOUR: New Hampshire Series. So why am I posting articles on my vacation at this site? Because I am doing two things here. First, I am sharing with you things you can do while renting with us at the McCarty Seasons Condo. Second, since there is a blog on the other site, I am killing 2 birds with one stone! In all seriousness, there is lots to do up here with or without a family. I love the visits up here for all the views and the people. To learn more about our place, DM me or visit McCartySeasons.com.

NUMBER FIVE: Being more Flexible! This is another goal of mine…to be more flexible. I have been stretching and foam rolling consistantly each day over the past few weeks since meeting with the PT and I am starting to see the effects as my movements are better overall. Can’t say I have been super agile like I was a kid but I am seeing progress! Soccer starts next month and i will see if this training shows up on the field. Less pain when I stretch is a good thing and I will continue this routine. 

Well, that is it for this week’s 5 for Friday. Here is the pics of the past week and Thank you for reading as always! -BM

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