TR: Training for RTB!

There is something about running in New Hampshire! The sounds in this part of town are different (and more peaceful) from the sounds of Boston and Amesbury. The views are wonderful as mountains replace buildings and the speed of things is just slower as people are friendly toward each other at every turn (vs Boston where everyone is just trying to get from point a to point b). This morning I made my way down 302 to the Red Parka Restaurant, well known in this area for its steak. I stopped at the railroad tracks fora few  pictures  (and many in between) and then headed back to our base camp before the sun’s temps began to bear down on me.

With this peace and serenity also came perhaps an answer to my problems with my Achilles! (Yes, I have had many false positives of late) What I realized this morning while coming back up rt 302 was this – I may have been running too flat…in short, the Hoka’s tend to roll towards the middle (vs forward like other shoes) and this could be one of the causes of my pains in my legs. So as I made my way back, I kept the strikes to the forefoot alone and guess what? The Achilles felt really good following the run and still does as I type. I have also started using K Tape which is also helping (vs the brace which I think was not helping).  With this insight, perhaps what we have here is a “New Hampshire miracle!”

I will be exploring this more over the next few days as I do some more hills and attempt to find some flat stretches (that is a very hard to do up here). With the RTB coming in less than a month, this is my chance to determine what I need work on and what is all set!

Here are a few other thoughts to consider…

  • UCan or UCan’t: So I am finishing up the testing of these UCan bars and I am mixed. One one hand the flavor is not bad  (chocolate, coffee and cinnamon are pretty good). But texture is clearly getting in my way as they are nothing like I have had before. Does flavor override texture? Tough call. Cliff Bars have good texture but less flavorful taste. Yet, the Cliff Bars contain double the protein levels. More to come…
  • Mountains and Mountains: So as you probably know, NH is full of mountains! Yesterday I ran halfway up Attitash but ran out of gas and came back down. What I like about Attitash is the paths are  everywhere (thanks to the mountain biking which is very popular here). So instead of running through high grass (like yesterday while hiking Cranmore), I have plenty of dirt to step on! Tomorrow or Friday I will attempt to get to the top!
  • Hoka’s are my friend and enemy? So I have posted many times about my affinity for Hoka’s and they have helped me increase my miles and reduce my pains. Well, I am wondering the following; have they created new ones? These leg injuries have been a regular occurance and all since last October when I started using there. Did one pain get sacrificed so another could pop up? Need to investigate this a bit further.
  • Liking the KTape! So I have started using this KTape this week and so far the results appear to be working. One week does not make me injury free but so far, things are encouraging! 
  • RTB Training heaven! This is heaven for those looking to train for the RTB Relay (coming in September). Each time up here, I try to take every chance I have to run Attitash and other hills in my region. On Friday I plan on scaling Attitash to its top point (Bears notwithstanding). My legs in this race have plenty of hills to deal with and I need to be ready! Oh, did I mention the that we runs through New Hampshire? 

That’s about it for tonight! Thank you for reading as always.



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  1. robyn says:

    I use the KT Tape for my plantar fasciitis – I think it’s great, too. Keep up the good work!

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