5 for Friday: Feeling Good and getting stronger!

If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got – Anonymous

I has been a quiet week on the blogging front here at Bmacrunning, but that does not mean things are quiet on thr running front! In fact, things are quite the opposite and improving for the first time in MONTHS (I hope). As I mentioned, I am working with a physical therapist and she has me doing some pretty intense stretches so far. And as I stretch (and foam roll) each and every time, I am getting more flexible and the pains that have been nagging me for the past year, have started to fade into the background (though not gone yet).

While I am not expecting a full recovery overnight, I am very encouraged by what is occurring and to feel this flexible and pain free  (more likely less) is just awesome! The key going forward for me is rather simple: I NEED TO CONTINUE TO DO IT. Otherwise, it will be all for naught so keep me honest folks as things move along.

Now onto this week’s 5 for Friday!

NUMBER ONE: Watch this Run! Been a while since I purchased my Garmin 235 and figured I would share an update. So far, very good! Love this watch for the active end (good running metrics, step data, HR info) but the messaging end is very good (and saves me from constantly picking up my phone to see who or what is sending me a message). The watch has been very durable and I could see myself using this for a long while (till the next version comes out I suppose). Well worth the purchase for those looking to take their running to the next level!

NUMBER TWO: UCAN Bars arrive! I mentioned in my note yesterday that I would be testing out UCAN Bars next as part of my ambassadorship with Bibrave. Had the first one this morning before running and it was not bad. While it does not taste like a Reece’s Fast Break, it is comparable to the Cliff Bars that I eat so often. In terms of my run and how it effected it, I did not see any material difference in performance but more testing is needed so stay tuned! (Btw, you can save 15% with code Bibrave at the UCAN site).

: Running with the Bears! So my vacation is here and like previous years, I will be training up and down the mountains of New Hampshire. With the Reach the Beach coming in about a month, hill training is important to say the least and refining the hill climbing muscles is a must! The scenery is outstanding in this next of the world and the wildlife is everywhere. Each year I keep an eye out for families of Bears who happen to go for strolls in the area and there year will be no different! I am excited for the trip!

NUMBER FOUR: Reach the Beach So the Guzman guys are ready to take down the hills and roads of New Hampshire. The planning for each runners “legs” has been in play for a while but with a month to go, we basically know where everyone stands and putting runners with the right set of legs is key to success. Success being in this case a better time than a year ago (or perhaps just finishing). It is truly a great time and I am excited for the three days in September!

NUMBER FIVE: Taking a Step back! I have been chronicaling my injuries over the past few months but what I should have done in addition to this was take a step back and evaluate. The PT has shared with me information about biomechanics that I never dreamed of and if I had taken a step back a few months ago and started tackling the problems right away versus trying to run through the pains and issues, today I would probably be better off. Lesson to learn? Always take a step back and evaluate the problem in hand. In this evaluation, you will probably find a better answer than the one  each time on the run.

Well, that is about it. Here are the pics for the past week! Thank you for reading – BM

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