TR: You want the foam? You got the foam…and orthotics?

So the big story of my running life over the past 24 hours was centered around the information I recieved from the physical therapist I met with yesterday. She said I had flat feet and this was to blame for all these nagging injuries of the last few months (somewhat of a relief I think since I thought it was the marathon that beat me up). It all related to biomechanics and how one muscle connects to another. In short, my calves and hamstrings have been doing all the work and my glutes and Achilles were watching!

So last night I began a new segment of my “running life” and this segment involved stretching and foam rolling to the max! I am sure as the appointments roll on with the PT, I will expand on this with other types of training but for now, I start with what I have and go from there! This has me jacked and pumped as the Reach the Beach relay approaches in less than a month!

Let’s review a few other “Randoms” in my life at the moment!

  • XX2i’s and discounts: As I am writing this up, I just finished up a #Bibchat on running quirks and it was sponsored by… You guessed it, XX2i! I have to tell you, these glasss are pretty good. I was never a sunglasses guy before but now I am sold! For pleasure or for running, they work and I am not trying to be an infomercial here!
  • Orthotics: So in a “Born to Run,” the author rails against the use of such arguing that running barefoot is better than with these such inserts or other running shoes in general. Well, I bought into such till the PT said that the route of my problems was my arches! So my running going forward will feature theses devices/inserts and hopefully the injury bug goes away! Time will tell.
  • More with Racing for a Cure: So I have mentioned this numerous times but I am battling Psoriatic Arthritis and winning (injuries aside). Well, I plan to finish strong in 2016 and will try to run more than planned. I am thinking of running three halfs in October now as well as the full marathon in November! (Assuming the injury bug goes away) So come out and support this great charity and contribute into year end!
  • Eating better I must! Sounding like Yoda when I say that but my goal for the rest of the year is to eat better! I have eaten like crap over he past 7 months and weight GAIN as occurred. That must stop now if I am going to be taking on Ultra’s sooner than later! End of story…

That is about it for tonight. Thanks for reading as always!



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  1. ifijustbreathe says:

    I’m terrible at foam rolling after runs. I just want to shower and rest. Haha Hope your injury bug goes away soon!


    1. bmacrunning says:

      Thank you. Amazing that after the stretches and foam rolling, I am loosening up! Feels pretty good.

      Liked by 1 person

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