Seeing Light when it’s Dark!

I recently posted that I was testing out a new product from XX2i – a pair of sunglasses called the Australia’s. These were given to me through my ambassadorship with Bibrave to wear and report back to the masses on. Further, you probably have seen this promotional code posted of late and over the past few weeks within my social media empire! (XX2iRocks).

So to start, how about some some background on my sunglasses habits, that will help frame this discussion/review. First, I am a regular wearer of sunglasses but not of the expensive variety – more of the $20 to $30 pair you find at BJ’s or Macy’s. I do have a certain type of style I like to employ (smaller, light, barely noticeable when wearing them) but beyond the look, if they blocked the sun, I thought the given sunglasses was “doing the job.” Enter the “Australia’s” into the mix!

Before proceeding, what are the Australia’s? Here is a snippet from their site on the Auatralia’s.

Having worn the Australia’s for a month now, I can say that these glasses are tremendous! When you put on the cheaper sunglasses, which are functional btw (so I do still use such), your surroundings are darkened and they “do”the job. For the Australia’s, your surroundings are brightened (in a comfortable way) and they still do the job! The view is more clear than the cheaper glasses (and some camp arable higher end glassss as some of my friends attest) and one can wear these well into dusk and feel, or be convinced, that it is sunny out still! To illustrate this point, look at the pictures below

First, this is the view I get from my $20 pair of sunglasses (in terms of brightness and best approximation using Enlight).

This is the view I get from the Australia’s (same process as above) and again, the increase sunlight is not “felt” so to speak. 

(For your info, the second picture is the actual pic taken versus the tint I put in the first one and is a day full of sun).

As you can see from my best attempt to recreate the users view through the glasses, the Australia’s protect your eyes from the sun without taking away sunlight (it seems). In very strong sunlight, the comparison glasses would have trouble while with the Australia’s, the view barely changes! I was not the only person who was impressed as I let some some others try the glasss (both self confessed high end sunglasses users) and they were taken back by the first views! Long and short of it, these glasses work quite well. 

BUT (and you new one was coming), alas nothing is perfect in my world! I have had an issue with these glasss. When the sunlight is reflecting onto my phone, I have trouble seeing the screen through the lenses of the Australia’s. This basically applies to many things that have glass covers (one glaring one was the backup screen in my car which is problematic). While annoying when it happens though, it is not a deal breaker and I am able to adapt.

Here are a few other quick hits to consider.

  • Durable: The glasses are stronger than many others I have used in the past. They have dropped and been thrown but are still holding on
  • Polarized! These are solid on this end. Beats many like them.
  • Bulky: One aspect I don’t like about them is the bulkiness of these glasses. 
  • Plenty of accessories: it comes with a good case to store them and a nose piece to keep them on your face (I tried without and the glasss slid all around). 
  • Moisture: I sweat a ton in the summer while running and the sweat seems to be difficult to wipe off whole running. The shades just seem to get more dirty with each wipe.
  • Stylish: They are indeed my style!

So that’s about it for the rundown on the XX2i Australia’s. Given this is my first real experience with higher end glasss, I can say that using the XX2i Australia’s was a useful exercise and they are now my go to glasss on the run! (Don’t forget to use code XX2iRocks and you can save 50% on an order of these).

Thanks for reading as always


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