5 for Friday: Back pain!

If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it!

– Elon Musk

One of the high points of my “athletic” life was completing the Maine Coastal Marathon back in May. It was the hardest 26 miles that I have ever run (with the last 6 absolutely brutal) and probably will run (because I will train more properly next time). That high point is also perhaps what has led to my slew of injuries that have occurred the past few months! 

Today, while walking to the gym, a muscle in my back gave out and now I am hurting thanks to the exercises I have been doing in the pool to strengthen my core put too much pressure on my back leading to my current predicament. The core work was to improve my running because I was putting too much pressure on the legs (or so I thought from the pains following the marathon). The pain in my hamstrings and calves could also be from this core work as well (and soccer too) which my body was not ready for following the beating I took in May. Bottom line, I am happy to find the answer to these issues but frustrated it took me two months to find that answer!

So what is next? Yoga and better core work…oh and some rest. With that in mind, I am probably going to be posting less across all media for the next few weeks while recuperate!

As for this Friday’s 5 for Friday, where to start…

NUMBER ONE: Newer Balance? So this week has featured the use of New Balance flats in my runs around the area and while they felt good initially, I don’t think my body will be able to maintain the pounding from these kicks. The reason I jumped to Hoka’s last year was the pounding I was getting from the Asic’s I had. Once I switched, the pain in the knees went away and I never looked back…till this week while testing theses shoes. As I mentioned yesterday, I will continue to give them a try but I am unsure if it will be good for my body! We shall see.

NUMBER TWO: Pace yourself! The biggest lesson I learned from Tuesday’s race was this: pace control is so very important for success. Without such, you are doomed! You will suffer through training and races and in the end hate running. To prevent this, find “your” pace that is comfortable because running is a great way to stay healthy and it has helped me immensely. Tuesday I went off script and  throughly hated the race as a result when in fact, I should have enjoyed the surroundings and the people on the route! I don’t want that to happen again.

NUMBER THREE: No more donuts! Today I had my last donut of the month in August. Call this a “donut strike” as I am addicted to these tasty treats and they are getting in the way of my training! Time to eat better and perhaps this removal of a gluten based product, which I am supposed to be avoiding anyhow, will remove some of these aches that arisen from consumption of said gluten. Also gluten irritates the joints and with Psoriatic arthritis, I don’t need any more irritation of the joints!

NUMBER FOUR: Triage goals. Read a good note at Runners World titled “Molly Huddles 5 tips for running a great 10k.” Basically the best of the points I found from this elite runner is her triage goals. If a race is not working well for you, change the midrace mindset and focus on smaller goals – examples given include not letting anyone pass you or holding a tough pace. Huddle says “it’s good practice that level of perseverance, that toughness…just not panicking basically.” I could have used this mindset on Tuesday!

NUMBER FIVE: Taking things to next level. As soon as I get through these injuries, my plan is to do the following in the months ahead. First, Team Guzman Guys is running the RTB Relay in September. Then I am taking on one of the following in October: The Rockfest Half Marathon in Hampton, NH; the Newburyport Half; or the Bay State Half in Lowell, Ma. Then on November 6th, I am taking on the Manchester Marathon in New Hampshire! I will get through these injuries to finish 2016 strong!

Well, that is it for this week’s edition of 5 for Friday. Don’t forget to take advantage of Xx2i’s desk on their Australia brand – 50% off with code XX2iRocks.

Thank you for Reading and here are this week’s pics! — BM


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